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Week 7 Run1

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That was a hard one, I felt a little warm before starting so wasn't too surprised when I started sweating earlier than usual I was surprised on the amount of sweating though, I was sweating more than Jimmy Carr in tax court, it was that bad.

At one point I lost my breathing and had to make a concerted effort to get it back under control, then about 16-17 minutes in I felt sick, I admit, I did slow to a brisk walk until I got over the initial sicky feeling but then resumed normal service but I completed the run and I added double the time I spent walking (I added an extra minute to be sure but it was no more than 30 seconds walking) I finished the warm down walk and then had to sprint.

So I have a stomach bug, brilliant, I did finish W7R1 if you don't count the 30 seconds I had to walk to avoid being sick (BUT I did jog for an extra minute to make up for it).

That's why I felt hot to start with, why I was sweating earlier and more than normal. I hope this thing passes quickly, I have targets to meet (graduate C25K) and work to do (regulate my outdoor pace).

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Haha! "Sweating more than Jimmy Carr in tax court". Love it 😂

Sorry to read you're not well but hopefully it'll last for a few days only. Stay hydrated and take it extra easy on your first run back as these kind of bugs can take more out of us than we realise.

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LeeUGraduate in reply to Irishprincess

I was going to put sweating more than Diane Abbot before a maths test, to be honest, I was spoilt for choice. :)

Hopefully it will pass quickly and let me keep either to my scheduled runs or something close to it.

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It sounds very unpleasant! Let yourself take enough time to get over it please before your next run! Good job though. Week 7 was tough for me mentally - just long runs that seemed tiring- so consider new routes etc to add interest!

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LeeUGraduate in reply to ejvcruns

After week 5 run 3 I haven't had any issues to be honest, the fact I broke the psychological barrier after that run has freed me, I have no issues running for 25 minutes, on W6 R3 I actually found it easier to do 25 minutes than it was to do the 20 minutes!

I would love to vary may route but I have been doing this on a treadmill as I can't regulate my pace outside, I want to go slow/steady but my body thinks it should be doing 9-10kph; whilst I can maintain that for 5-8 minutes I would really struggle to maintain it for more than that.

I will, however, work through that, or get to the point where I can maintain that for at least 30 minutes.

And all thanks to the help I get from the people on here, my thanks to you all.

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Well done on completing it !

Just make sure to rehydrate,you've lost more fluid than usual with this bug and take it easy to you feel better 😘

(Old nurse 🙈)

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LeeUGraduate in reply to Sarahb18

Already on my second bottle of water plus a cup of green tea, nurse. I really want to complete the program and I will, I don't really want to delay my scheduled runs but will do if I don't feel up to it.

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Sarahb18Graduate in reply to LeeU


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Well done on completing the run 🏃🏼 So sorry to hear that you're not feeling well, hope you start to feel better soon 😊

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LeeUGraduate in reply to Kimchoc08

Thanks Kim, I'll be back running as soon as I can, I want to get through the remaining 8 runs so I can get the Graduate badge.

Keep up your progress, it may mean we end up on the same run and may both get the badge at the same time.

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Kimchoc08Graduate in reply to LeeU

That would be cool. Virtual graduate partners!!

You did it despite being poorly, and I sooo love the Jimmy Carr comparison, even though it was for a not very nice reason.

You're doing well and getting through the plan. Cracking.

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LeeUGraduate in reply to

Thanks Jan, there so many other sweating jokes I could have chosen at the time but I remember this one, from Jimmy Carr's own mouth actually from when I went to see him.

I'm going to see how I get on in the morning with W7R2, I soo want that Graduate badge at the side of my name.

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Brilliant...you're on the home strait 😉

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