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Running shoes for heavy people

Just wondering if anyone had any advice about shoes for heavier people (trying to avoid knee pain). I have previously run indoor on treadmill using Adidas Kanadia 8.1 and not had a huge problem with knee pain but running outdoor which I'm trying to do has given me knee pain. I think it's just being overweight and the harder pavement versus treadmill but I need some alternatives shoes. Doing a bit of research has led me to the Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 question was does anyone have any experience with these, especially if your a little on the heavy side.



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Hi Pete, it might be worth going to a pukka running shop where you can get gait analysis and they then make recommendations about what shoes would suit you.


The running shops are really good with advice about the correct shoe, I have always been really happy with their advice


Please forget all about those Saucony shoes. Who knows if they are right for you? A bit of googling is a terrible thing. Do you over or under pronate, or are you neutral? And do those shoes suit your gait?

The Hurricane ISO 2 are some of the most stiff shoes on the market, with very limited flexibility. On top of this they have a ridiculously high heel and forefoot, with a higher-than-average toe-heel drop. And very soft heel and forefoot cushioning.

What does this all mean? Absolutely nothing really, until you've had your gait analysed and tried them on. Shoes are one of the most important things to get right. So take as much advice as you can, from running shoe specialists. Our graduates have given some great advice above: get yourself down to your local, specialist running shop, and let them advise you on what suits your gait, experience, terrain, weight, budget.

Don't forget to post a photo of your shoes when you have them.


MarkyD says it all above! Get a gait analysis , preferably from a small independent running shop..... it will become your local go to ! 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻


So I took everyone's advice and went to my local running shop where I stood on one leg, did some squats, rolled my feet around and was videod running on a treadmill etc, the outcome of which is that have a neutral gait. That meant that I then spent 45 minutes trying on various Saucony, Asics and Brooks shoes.

Finally after trying all of them on landed on the Brooks Ghost 10. Lets hope these help as they weren't cheap!

Sadly can't work out how to add a photo, so you'll have to take my word for it


Thanks Pete. I've said that if me and boyf complete C25K we will get new trainers. Had been planning to do internet research but now may go to shop for advice


I think it may actually be worth it. The comfort is actually off the scale and there has been no knee pain since.

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Sometimes it’s not the running but posture that is exacerbated by running if that makes sense. Check your resting positions (sofa, desk, scenarios) in case it’s some other time you’re unconsciously straining your knee with bad posture. (Crossing ankles and so on) Only knee probs I’ve had were from sitting badly on the sofa!!

Hope new shoes continue to help also.


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