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Week 7 run 2

Having felt unwell yesterday and not so great today but more game, out I went for this next run - it was hard work, does it get easier? I'm not skinny but not overweight yet I feel heavy when I run. I hoped to feel more light footed by now or is that unrealistic?! Somehow I managed to hit pause on my app just after the brisk walk so had to guess! In the end i ran 4.97 k in 33 minutes is that really bad timing? I'm not feeling I have reserves to speed up quite yet 🙁.

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Overall you sound a bit negative......... probably the result of being unwell. If unwell it will be hard work.

Each week of the process you have been pushing to achieve more, so constantly increasing demand. When you graduate, we recommend that you consolidate at 30 minutes/5k for a few weeks, to take the pressure off and enjoy your hard won ability to run.

Any runner can go out and run a distance that they are comfortable with and make it easy or difficult, depending on how hard they push. So it can get easier, but that depends on you and your aims.

It takes many months to build a runner's physique, so you are still just a beginner but you are doing great, so squash that vague negativity and believe you are a runner and that you really can do this.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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Yes I haven't felt too well last few days, touch of lurgy but wanted to run today so I did and glad of it... you're so right.. I can do this! I've so got this! Negativity be gone! 😄

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Hi, we are at same stage as i did my week 7 run 2 yesterday. your time is better than mine, i did 5k exactly in 36 23. i also hop d to feel lighter, i like that description but i think the posts and advice is right that perhaps we expect too much too soon. well perhaps I do! i hated running when younger, it just felt unnatural, i am a 'young' 60, don't feel it, or look it I am told, but i am addicted to this programme now and want to get out running. don't know if this will encourage you but did my run yesterday as second park run and went and only ran the whole way for 36 mins! didn't mean to but kept adding 'just another 100m' to my 25 mins, then thought go for it. it's now a mental game for me......keep perseving we can do this!

i love the support on here and it really helps😀🥇

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Thank you LadyAnnie😊 Well done you! for doing the park run so well....I've registered locally but a hied away so far preferring to complete this programme first?!

And I agree, it's funny how runs can be different week 5 run 2 was so good even though I got caught in a downpour and kept hitting inclines, I ran on through my 5 minute brisk finish walk and a few minutes more, encouraging me for the longer runs ahead.

I find I pay far less attention to how I feel when I'm running now and enjoy them without my music!

Just felt unwell earlier this week so overthought it all.

We will continue to achieve 🏃‍♀️😄


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