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Wk4 R3

Just completed run 3 of Wk4. That was incredibly hard, really had to dig deep to complete but I managed it (just).

I normally run early evenings but did it this morning at 7.15am because I am away for the weekend with family so would not be able to do this evening. Also went out for a drink last night so maybe that and different times of day to run made it harder.

I am dreading Wk 5 seems a lot of time running ,but only a few weeks ago running for 1 min nearly killed me.

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Well done, you did it.

Changing routine can throw us, but is good to prevent yourself becoming rut bound.

Please don't dread any run. Change your mindset and relish the challenge with excitement and respect but without fear. I wrote this a while back. healthunlocked.com/couchto5...………..positivity It may help.


Followed your link . Very good post , thank you will try and remember it when I start Wk5.👍


Digging deep will actually help you on W5 - trust me, I found W4 really tough too but it set me up for today's W5R1 - somehow it seemed easier having all the runs the same length (and that was after 🍷🍷last night).

So no need to dread it - after your rest day you'll be itching to get going! 😄


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