new runner

new runner

hi folks. well after 4 years of very little to no activity i decided enough was enough and decided to move myself. wednesday completed my first couch to 5k run... and just as i started the heavens opened. my first thought was to wuss out and head home. i toughed it out and glad i did. yes that first 1min it hurt ALOT!!! and seemed to go on forever but i got there.

now my question is im a bit sore and planned to head out friday. if im still sore do i bottle it or go at an easier pace on running sections?


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  • Very well done! Not only for starting the programme but for sheer perserverance. The easiest thing would definitely have been to turn around and go home when it started raining but you didn't. Go you! With regards to your next run, definitely have your rest day and then see how you feel. No one said it was going to be easy and in the early days, especially if you have been inactive, you might feel the burn a bit but this is normal. The mantra here is slow, slow and slower still. Go only as fast as you can manage. I use Michael Johnson and he said on one of the weeks that if you were walking on the other side of a hedge, then the person on the other side shouldn't be able to tell if you are running or walking. I have just completed week 9 and despite being this far in the programme, I'm sure some of the dog walkers are going faster than me on some runs, but I don't care. I'm moving and that's what matters. Good luck for run 2. Let us know how you get on :)

  • Well done mate all been there 😭

  • Well done on completing your first run! I would see how you feel on Friday. If you are still stiff, leave it a day until Saturday (3 day gap instead of 2) before your 2nd run. However, I wouldn't defer further than that unless you are very sore.

    Next time, try running more slowly (whether you run Friday or Saturday). Speed comes later. At the moment, you are just trying to get your body accustomed to the idea of running. Don't worry about the pace. If you are sore, you probably ran too fast.

  • I felt exactly the same 8 weeks ago when I started the c25k.. only got 4 more runs til I finish the program. I've sweated, cried, tripped over my dogs but loved the buzz I get every time I finish each run. I haven't run since I was in school and I'm 49 years old and 3 stone overweight! Just don't give up, keep going. You'll be surprised how much your stamina increases every time you run. Make sure you have rest days in between each run. The aching will stop after the first few weeks. Good luck!

  • Soreness you run pain you don't

    Your muscles will be sore/achy as you've asked them to do something they haven't done for quite some time but each run you do will strengthen them and prepare you for the next run

    so in answer to your question yes get yourself back out there and carry out your second run but as others have said slow and steady is the way and finally well done for making that start and seeing it through

  • Well done 👍🏼 we've all been where you are so you can take something from that!! Keep posting your runs and coming back here for all the inspiration and encouragement that you'll ever need!!

  • Liam, well done, first and foremost :)

    Rain or shine, sun or snow, all is irrelevant, you go out and run, that's what counts. You may not see or feel the benefits in the beginning but if you persevere the body perks will become obvious, both physical and mental.

    In terms of when to run, please make sure there is at least one rest day between your runs, that's essential especially in the beginning!

    If you feel sore, weak or uncomfortable, don't push yourself, take it easy and stop the run if your body tells you so.

    Also, check out your shoes. Are they comfy? Do you need insoles? Have you done gait analysis? If I'd known those bits a year ago when l started l would've saved myself months of injury headache ;)

    Let us know how it goes mate & all the best of luck!

  • i went for it the aches subsided once i got movin.... took it abit slower this time managed it much better... thanks guys

  • there any particular speed i should be runnin at my last 2 mins i could barely lift my feet

  • There are no speed goals just keep moving that's all that counts , as slow as is comfortable for you to start

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