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Wk4 R2

Just completed run2 of Wk 4. First half felt great , thought this is getting easier. Last 3 minutes of the second 5 minute nearly killed me. It was the longest 3 minutes of my life .

Caught a glance of my self in the mirror when in got in, fat beetroot coloured 56 year old. If I had seen anybody else looking like that I would have called them an ambulance 😂. But did it 👍

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Yes! Keep doing it, the minutes will pass more quickly and the redness will notch down!

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a great big heart felt well done, it will have made you that much stronger and the beetroot red colour is very much the in colour amongst us the members of this forum


Be proud... beetroot is one heck of a colour! Slow and steady does it as you move on:)


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