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W7 - go again, or carry on??

Hi! I have completed the runs to the end of week 5 on the treadmill. Hard - but I did it. W6 I decided to brave the outdoors, and have found it much harder. I - just about - managed to complete week 6. But W7. Oh My Goodness. So hard!! It's the breathing - or lack of breath! R1 I just had to stop and walk once to get my breath back. R2, three times, and R3 on Friday, five times. Never stopped, but had to walk. What is wrong with me? And should I do week 7 again, or carry on with week 8? If you have to walk a bit, is that cheating?

Any advice would be wonderful.

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Running outdoors is a bit of a step up and a little more testing than the treadmill, from everything you've said I think I'd step back and have a rerun of week 7 BUT will be interested to hear what people with more experience of this have to say

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Just slow down... that is all it takes..:)

Moving from the treadmill to outdoors is different, very different... the treadmill is about control...outside... no control and we have to take it very gently and slowly , steadily and carefully..different surfaces, inclines,weather...:)

Make sure you are putting in some strength and stamina exercises too on rest days... the rest of our bodies have to keep pace with the legs:)

Repeating.. well.. if you are talking walking for a few seconds... no... minutes, yes... you want to do this properly ... so...it is your choice. But...now the runs are getting longer, take your time.. this is a great journey, why rush it... relax into the runs..breathe normally, do not overthink it...:)

Focus on landing lightly and thinking how far you have come :) Those newly-found running legs can carry you forward... let them.. we are here with you... I am the one whispering, slow and steady!


knew someone more knowledgeable would be quickly along


Thanks.. but not sure about that :) All about choosing our path :)


Thank you so much rolysmate and oldfloss for taking the time to reply. This advice is really helpful. I am going to repeat W7.

I have given myself a good talking to (!!) and will try and be a bit easier on myself. It's not a race!! And having three shoulder replacements, a hip replacement and a knee arthroscopy in the last few years, I am starting from point zero. Strength and stamina exercise is VERY good advice. So - onwards and upwards.

And I am going to try and slow down - except it doesn't seem possible to be much slower. I will think of you whispering 'slow and steady'.

LOVE this forum. Sooooo glad I found it. x

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Well done... your choice and having overcome all those health issues... wow....!

You are right..it is a journey.. your journey!

Well done you, I am looking forward to your posts :)


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