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Back on the game!

Last time I run was end of July and was about to start w7 but holidays happened! It was difficult to run there so I decided to get some rest and re energize for the winter coming (although not completely rest with having to look after 3 of my children and another 2 of my sis)!

So now that I'm back went for a run the other day. I started with w6r2 just to see my strength. First time I did it felt like I was extremely tired on the second 10min run and was gasping for breath. Second time I did same run it felt slightly easier but still getting tired on the second half. I remember I was running for 25min before I go on holidays on a good pace and felt easy and no double breath.

So today I'm thinking of going a little bit further back on the runs

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(Still quite early for me as I hit the post button before I finish my post!!!)

So I was saying g to start today from w4r3 and see how it goes. If feels easier ,which I think it will since it feels comfortable for me to run for 3-4 min at least, ill take it fron there slowly just to get back on my previous level and strength!!

I'll keep you update!! ( if I find any time to relax for even 5min!)


Well done you! Life does happen doesn't it :)

Maybe, if you feel it could work... do Week 6 again and start really slowly... as gently as you like and relaxing into the runs...breathe gently and go steadily... just move forward, remembering how those legs can take you forward...

I think you may find that you will be fine :)

I had quite a few weeks on the IC after a calf tear, and building back up is a slow process... I know my first real run afterwards I was very tense... sort of.. will I still be able to do it, and almost holding my breath!

You have a try after your rest day and maybe up your strength and stamina exercise on rest days too, that will help.. I know I am feeling the benefits by upping mine!

Keep posting and let us know how you fare please?



Missed this last bit... I would still try that week 6 run 1.. mega slowly :)


I miss the time when I was running 25min straight without catching my breath with a good pace (I was doing 3.7k in 25min). I'll take your advice and repeat the same run and see how I'll do!


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