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New here and starting week 4!

Hi everyone! I recently found these forums and have been avidly reading and getting lots of tips!

I'm Jane, 40 (eeek!) and I've done almost no exercise since school. But something just clicked a few weeks ago and here I am. Now I find myself getting out of bed early on Sunday mornings to run.... A very strange feeling!

I had one bad run that nearly made me quit but I learn something new every time I run and now instead of thinking 'what a nutter' every time I see someone running, I find myself studying their technique, what they're wearing etc and find myself feeling jealous that they're running and I'm not!

Anyway, what an essay! Please say hello...!

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well done for starting - you are showing all the signs of having got the bug.


Hello there StripyBear :D

Yep, you'll soon be out there with all the others wearing the full kit, looking as if you've been doing it all along ;) But, best yet, you'll be feeling fitter, maybe losing inches, and all with an amazing feeling of 'life is good and I'm getting myself sorted!' Keep up with the programme and let us know how you progress - good runs and rubbish runs (they happen!)

Take care, Linda :)


Morning Stripybear,

I've just started too - great feeling isn't it?

Keep it up and you'll find lots of support here.



Hi Stripybear and welcome to this great place.As you've already realised you'll get plenty of good advice, support ....and a bit of entertainment thrown from time to time !

Sounds like you could have a bit of an addiction going on already :)

Good luck with the programme .


Hi and welcome. This is the place for between-run motivation and support. The biggest step is the first one- finding something to run in, getting the podcasts, and getting out the door. I've just started wk 9 (first run today) and am still amazed that I can actually do it! very slow, and nowhere near the supposed mileage (in 30 mins I only did 3.7k) but it's the non-stop nature and the awareness of your increased stamina as you go through the weeks that is so rewarding. Keep us posted with your progress!


Thanks for the welcome everyone. It's great to come here as I think my husband is getting a but bored with me going on about how great I feel!


Welcome! Don't worry - I feel that everyone is getting fed up of hearing about my running! I feel that I'm constantly talking about myself :-/


I'm sure I'm drive everybody mad on my Facebook with status updates about my running :0)


Haha! I'm glad it's not just me!


Yes well done Im 57 not exercised much at all . Managed the programme but it took me about 12 wks instead of 9 . I can now run about 6 mile not fast but can do it all the same and love it. I would recommend some proper running shoes though they make a big diiference. I did my first 5k race beginning of September and didn't come last. Keep going it gets better and better


Go for it stripey bear. Yes it does feel weird wanting to get out of bed to go for a run, but it's kind of nice too...and by the way it doesn't matter how old you are, it's just good to get out there and do it. I'm a grandmother!


Hey! Well done for getting started :) Good luck with the programme and if you need any support feel free to shoot me a message- I'm just finished my first run of week 4



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