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First time I've failed😢



£100 pair of new trainers

knees hurting, dropped my phone on the treadmill, first time I've given up

Very despondent....

Then, ten mins later, I have planned to go back and start week 3 again, and I feel ok about it all and more positive,

Thanks to reading all your great words!!

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Just remember there is no such thing as a fail! It is a practice run. You are still adding to building your running legs. Keep positive! Good luck for your next run.

Practice makes perfect, now you know what needs to be done next time out. Happy running


No need to go back. The challenge that needs conquering is the one you didn't complete, not the previous week.

If on a treadmill, can't you place your phone down where it can't be dropped, or maybe buy a running belt (very cheap from Sports Direct). Holding anything in your hand while running, means you are asymmetrical and your hand is tense, not relaxed, as it should be for good posture.

Keep going, you will get there.

TRUFF, you are a fountain of knowledge, please tell me.. my knees are really hurting, not the joint, but the insides, I have some supports now to wear, but should I run through it and see if it goes, or rest them? if I rest I am back to square one? I think its just my weight, it started at the end of week 3

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What are your shoes like?

Knee problems are often cured by getting shoes fitted after a gait analysis.......

......if that doesn't work you could try taking glucosamine with chondroitin....... I swear by it. It can take a few months to take effect, so sorting out the basic mechanical problems is first call.

Just got gait analysis, got brooks but knee pain had started before those, I can just about walk!😢 was going to rest and start again when the pain has gone

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In the immediate future, rest seems a good idea. Maybe throw in some of these

Thanks, I will rest then start from scratch! Really disappointed, thanks for the tips tho!

You will be fine and good luck. My towel slipped onto the treadmill once and I stopped to pick it up and nearly went flying 🙈

New trainers can take a couple of runs to settle, it's always best to bed them in slowly, so maybe without you realising you body was doing just that, The next run will be so much better. Take care.


Practice runs are allowed and build your strength and confidence once moved on from them . Absolutely NOT a fail !!

Keep going you got this 😉


Please.. never use the 'f' word again on here... just accept that stuff happens :)

Take the advice of IannodaTruffe and Realfoodieclub you are going to be just fine :)

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Sometimes I can hear the ex teacher tone👍😁 👨‍🏫

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Oh oh.... !! :)

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