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Finding the key to TRIUMPH. Week5

I often look on here for week 5 posts that aren't, 'I just did run3', because I struggled with run 1 and 2. It took me numerous attempts.

Runs 1 and 2 are worth talking about for me. They were my journey this week, to the he point I came to the realisation...my challenge wasn't the period of running.

My challenge was not feeling defeated by slowing down.

I was so determined to keep the high pace I set that I struggled to finish run 1 and by the time I got to run 2 I couldn't complete it on the treadmill or outside.

Untill I went out with my no.1. Threw up the finger at my gremlins about him having to slow down his pace to stay with me (he would run slightly behind because he'd rather give me the confidence) and plodded on. Blessed with great conditions and a gorgeous prom to run on.

And yes....I DID RUN 3 :D I RAN FOR 20 MINS CONTINUOUSLY. And did a bonus 3min run uphill with a victory sprint at the very end.

So it's true. The fear of failure is what stops us progressing.

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We all seem to have had the run or the week that hurts and funnily enough W5 comes up time and again as the difficult one. And your challenge is an interesting one, because I can remember thinking I could go out faster and often running out of steam, so I consciously slowed down. Our challenges all differ, run by run, week by week and yours was really worth mentioning so others can see if that's a problem for them. Still though the W5R3 grin is the best😀👍

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