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Week 4 R3. Stil feel tender from R2 would you give extra rest?

Hi all

Long story short on my Week4R2 my app that i used closed down on my phone and when I realised i started the app again.

I endes up running for 38 minutes rather than 16 minutes and my body was aching afterwards.

I am due to do run 3 tonigh but my legs feel like they are stilk recovering. Your thoughts to whether I should leave tonight and so on Sunday instead.

Im training for A charity run 5K so have no really leaverage to have too big of rest but on other hand dont want to use any damage.

As anyone else had sortle legs and what did you do. Any advice woukd be great.



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an extra day sounds a good idea. You could swim or go for a little walk, or cycle. Yoga is good for achey body parts. youtube! 🙂

Or just have an easy day and get a good kip tonight. Eat sensibly if you know you are running tomorrow 🙂👍🏃✔️

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Sounds like an extra day's rest would be a good idea. It's only a day, and if it means you remain injury free and on track for your 5K it will be well worth it. 38 mins is a LOT of running - more than in week 9!

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As suggested the extra rest day sounds good. Do you stretch after your cool down walk?

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Think having a rest is the right thing to do. I do my 5 mins warm and cool down at the beginning and end but dont tend to stretch will try this on my next session. Thank you

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