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Week 6 R2 and you know what that means?

There goes the last of my morning runs with a scheduled walk in them, from now on ANY walk is unscheduled and thereby illegal, joking there.

W6R2 done, I managed to do W5R3 at 20minutes jogging, if I can do that while having doubts then I'm going to do my utmost to ensure I complete W6R3 with it's 25 minutes (EEEK) of jogging!

Mrs LeeU and myself were out and about in Matlock on Tuesday and we found a specialist running shop, spoke to the guy in there and for the first time I didn't get any smirks, stifled laughs or exclamations of really? when I said I was on the C25K program and was looking for a larger sized technical t-shirt, the guy Mike was very helpful and even helped when I asked about the sizing on the Garmin watches, he took one out of the box and let me try it on.

So, I've decided, when, NOT IF, I graduate there is a Garmin ForeRunner 735xt with my name on.

Target is set, goal is in sight and a nice little present waiting for me when I get there.

To quote an excellent movie, Cool Runnings!

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Fantastic, it's great to set goals and treat yourself when (quite right, not if) you achieve them! Well done on your progress and I hope you enjoy your longer runs! ☺


Ooooh, antenna goes up! Was that runforest by any chance ?

A few of us here want to meet there to buy cake, er oh I mean buy shoes, silly me! 😊

None of us have been yet so any recommendations are gratefully received 🙂 One lady in my jog group has been and she gave them the thumbs up.

Those Garmin prices are getting mental! I need a new one having won out my F10 but not at these prices 😫


It is RunForest, Mike is a top guy and the type of place that I will use as my running career progresses.

The 'shoes' look very nice and really tempting, the footwear looks great too ;)

I know what you mean about Garmin prices but, I don't drink, I don't smoke, I have a car and my hobby which is also my job plus I now have my jogging. I'm really lucky, I have a great job that is well paid so I can treat myself once in a while, so far, I've spent the following over the last 6-7 years:

- first treadmill I bought Ebay £61.11

- second treadmill I bought JTX brand new £450

- Heart rate monitor Lidl £13

- Nike ankle supports £20

- Skechers GoRun400 £15

Over a 6 year period I don't think that's excessive to be honest, of course I've had more than one pair of trainers but I've never had a dedicated pair (couldn't afford it to be honest with you).

Even Mrs LeeU liked it in RunForest and she's the one pushing me to buy the Garmin, honest guv'ner ;)


First things first. Did you sample the cake? 🍰😋

I don't smoke or drink either so spend my dosh on running shoes 🙂

I have been hanging my nose over a pair of Scott Kinabalu 😃


I'm afraid I didn't, I'm a reforming Chocoholic that would, quite literally, fall off the wagon if I tried a piece of chocolate cake.

I've never really looked at the Scott range, never heard of them if I'm honest, are they any good?


Dunno? 😃 Fat lot of use I am 😃

I know a bit about cake though ☺️


Lol, that's my problem though, I do like cake, I know a good one when I taste it and then I tend to eat too much of it.

Once I'm up to 5k 3 times a week I may treat myself to a slice of cake or maybe even a slice when I buy my Garmin, now that's a plan, a double treat for graduating!


I make my own as a rule 🙂 There is a good recipe on here for power flapjack which you get to eat once you are running further than 10k. It's lush too 😋


Ohh, interesting, I'm partial to a piece of flapjack too ;)

I may need to check that out, it may take me a while to get to 10k, I've got to get to 5k first but I'll get there, especially if it means I can eat flapjack!!!!


Runner's reward 🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🍰


Brilliant...good for you, enjoy the latter part of your journey 🤗


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