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Completed the 2nd run of the week last night, found this one much easy than the 1st, but listened to all the advise and started off slower, and finished without feeling I'd run across the Sahara without a drink! Now I'm quite looking forward to completing wk8 and starting the final countdown. I am off to Bristol to grandson sit and as I run on a treadmill not sure I'll be able to start week 9 will it be ok to wait a week and then do it or will I have to go back a run or two. Not sure I could run in the real world for 30 mins

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I had a break in the middle of week 9 and I was fine. A week break shouldn't be a problem. But why not take your running shoes with you and just see how it goes. Even if you don't manage the full 30 minutes it will all help when you return to the programme and who knows, you might surprise yourself.


Take the trainers, you may be tempted for a little runette whilst you're there. And come back refreshed and raring to go, it should be absolutely fine.


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