Advice needed - can I run more?

Okay, so this seems like a silly (yet somewhat arrogant) question, but can I complete some of the runs without the days rest in between or will this cause injury for further down the line? Basically, I'm only on week 2 run 3 (today) and I've already been doing the runs every other day since starting, but even though I ran on Friday, yesterday I felt like I really had the energy (and more surprisingly the time) to complete week 2, yet I held off through fear that it needed to be a days rest. I'm really pretty new to all this and it's amazed me how I've progressed and how much I'm enjoying it so I don't want to jeopardise completing the plan. Surely though there are people who have completed this without resting as much as required, I'd really appreciate your thoughts and advice - should I listen to my body and run at times more convenient to me or should I try and stick with the advice of the programme regardless? Thanks


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  • Hello & well done on reaching this far & most importantly on enjoying it☺

    Rest days are hugely important to give your muscles & joints time to repair & rest. I don't mean to sound dramatic but not taking rest days will expose you to giving yourself an injury more quickly, potentially meaning you can't run for longer (dramatic background music ends) You can do other forms of exercise on those days though if you feel you need to do something. ☺

    Sorry if this sounds preachy. It's not meant to, just trying to help. ☺☺☺

    Good luck & enjoy.....

  • Thanks, I guessed as much. Funny thing is, I never thought I'd be wanting to skip rest days, never mind actually questioning whether it is possible! I know it's only going to get harder too, so maybe on days when I am running, if l feel I can go further I'll run for an extra lap or something instead... Yesterday's feeling was probably just a freak one off anyway ;)

  • I agree with Noaky , although I love your enthusiasm ! :-)

    You're doing great -keep going !

    You can always do another form of exercise in your rest days , though :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppy, my two toddlers have been really poorly this week (middle ear infections) so we've had excessive couch and cuddle time, maybe that's where my extra energy has emerged from... no doubt I'll be back to my normal self next week, thinking that a 5 minute sit down with a coffee is a luxury!

  • Your query is very common and if you do a search for REST DAYS you may find further advice. Unless your body is used to lots of exercise and/or you are young and fit, then doing away with rest days at this stage of your running career is not wise. Doing too much too soon is a recurring theme on here and it is best to give your body chance to get used to it all. Injury can be very demotivating.

    Keep up the enthusiasm.

  • It's really great that you are enjoying the programme and want to get out there.

    I was in a similar position as you at the start of the programme. I think by sticking to the rest days and denying myself a run when I wanted at the start of the programme my enthusiasm stayed with me a lot longer a lot longer, and it's only now I'm in week 8 that I occasionally struggle to find the enthusiasm.

  • The programme is designed so that your body adjusts, repairs and strengthens... Not having rest days means you are more exposed to potential injury however you know your own body and fitness level.... You could always do something different on a rest day like swimming or something???? So good that you are loving it 😎

  • Thanks everyone, your responses mean a lot :) I'll just stick with the programme and hope that I can keep up over the coming weeks - any excess energy gained is a bonus seeing as normally, I'm exhausted having three little ones. They're the main reason I'm doing this and also why other planned exercise isn't really an option for me at the moment. I think you're right about keeping the motivation up - no doubt I'll need it... Looking forward to completing wk 2 today though. Happy running! :D

  • As the other graduates have mentioned, really. The rest days are important so take them and expect to follow the program to the letter. Not sure how far along she mentions it, but at some point Laura suggests a speed spurt at the end of the session and this would be a good way to offload any excess energy. Good luck!

  • well done so far Purple goose good luck going forward


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