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First post + Sheffield C25K group run?

Hey everyone,

I have just joined the Health Unlocked community. This is my first post. I am doing the Couch to 5K plan, currently doing week 5 (days 1 and 2 are in the bag wohooo!) I had tried to the C25K this time last year TWICE but really struggled and both times didn't get past week 3. The first time I tried a group setting, but I was by far the biggest and slowest in the 'beginners groups' (some people in the group had previously done half marathons but hadn't excercised in a while... I was a beginner beginner!). Then I tried it alone, but I couldnt' seem to 'find' or 'make' time. So I feel like I have already achieved a lot this time round because I am on week 5 AND I have been doing the 2 days stregnth training as well. i had also tried joining a gym, but it wasn't for me- quickly became apparent that people treated my body and lack of coordination as an inconvenience to them, rather than thinking creatively of how to help me to do modified versions of the same moves. Plus I think I just prefer to be outdoors. Anyway, what's changed the last 4 weeks is my housemate also wanted to do C25K. It's amazing how having an activity date with her gets me out of bed at 6am to jog! It was hard at first, but we both feel quite smug now to be honest:-):-) Anyway I am rambling- just wanted to ask if there's anyone else here in Sheffield who would like to get together for a social run once in a while. Thanks!

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