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Couch to 5K
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W3R3 Still here, still giving it a good go

Well, I've graduated from the podcasts to the app and worked out how to play some music at the same time - so, that's good.

Not so good - my knees were really sore after W3R2. I'd hoped they'd be miraculously fine by today's run. Nope. Still sore, so I dialled it right down and shuffled my way round. Glad this week was a short duration session. Not giving up, though. I'm heading to a proper running shoe to get my gait analysed and some decent trainers and I'll be back out on Thursday for W4R1.

I may not post much but I am still very grateful for this forum and all the great advice and encouragement. I carry all of your voices with me when I'm running!

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I know what you mean about the slow shuffle! I sometimes feel I should be stepping it up but know that if I do I will just wear myself out!

Sorry to hear about your knees, hope you get that sorted out. Good luck for week 4. I just did WK4R2 today and my little legs are aching like mad but at least it feels like they are getting a work out :-*

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Hope your knees improve and that you learn something from the gait analysis and that it helps. If the soreness continues you've got to go and get advice I think, as you don't want to damage your bod... good luck for Thursday

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Good for you πŸ‘ Stick with it - the body will catch up, but take extra rest days if you need them. I had really swollen knees in the first weeks but they've settled down. The gait analysis was great - kind of fun watching yourself in slow motion & I could tell that news shoes would help - much more bouncy than my current ones. Mine are a graduation πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“ present (I hope!!) - motivated to keep going after C25k is done. I don't know how it works - but somehow I've made it to week 9 & you will too if you stick with it and keep it steady. Good luckπŸ˜πŸ’


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