Couch to 5K

Giving it another go ☺

Hi I'm back, graduated 5 months ago but unfortunately came to a grinding halt about two months ago, I was having a lot of leg and hip pain along with serious fatigue and headaches, although running was not causing any pain the fatigue was becoming a big hurdle to jump.

After several visits to the Dr and the hospital , the rheumatologist, I have been given a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, but its not all bad as I now have medication which are controlling the pain and helping me to sleep at night.

What is shocking is how quick you get out of the habit, fitness levels drop and how the weight creeps back on, sooo I'm back hoping to go out on week one tomorrow morning before work it's good to be back and see some of the familiar faces, namely the musketeers xx😊😊😊😍😍😊😊

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Hey you! D'Artagnan here ;)

Good to see you :) Look forward to running with you again. 👍🏃👍🏃👍


Hiya good to hear from you mcfitty aka D'Artagnan, I see you have been out of action to. 😢😩 I'm looking forward to starting again and so pleased we will have each others support 😊😊


Good to see you back! Let us know how you get on with that first returning run :)


Hope all goes well and the medication controls the pain.


So glad u got a diagnosis. if u have been put on amitriptyline you might find you put on weight and can't lose it. it's a common side effect so don't be hard on yourself x x


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