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Couch to 5K
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Running on the Island

Hello all,

First post here and it's not the first time I've tried Couch to 5k and failed to actually finish it but I'm committed to really starting this again (How many times have you heard that!) as I have a few big things coming up soon which will change me as a person for the better so I need to get a lot more fitter than I do.

I'm due to be flying for an airline later this year and so I believe getting fitter will help me with the changes in pressurisation, long and busy days, and handling a bigger aircraft than I'm used to.

I also do some go-karting regularly and have done this for years. Recently I've been doing it and I've really struggled to keep fit throughout the race/heats. Halfway through my hands lose it's grip and arms lose their strength..

So, back to Couch to 5k it is. I also live in Guernsey now, from the UK originally, so that's what the title is about.

I wanted to ask for a bit of advice though actually regarding Couch to 5k, as I want to take it seriously regarding strength and stretching etc.

I found a video on Youtube which shows some strength training for 7 minutes which I believe should be done before and after your run, is this correct? There's nothing in the app that tell's you what stretches or anything to do before your run which I don't feel is very good.. After all, I don't want to injure myself too early!

I finished Week 1 last week and would like to run Mon, Wed, Fri. But I am thinking then I will have 2 rest days at the weekend. This is really nice don't get me wrong but I believe the app says I should a rest day every other day.

What does everyone else do?

Looking for as many advice as possible please. Thanks, and good to be here!


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On my phone so can't give you the stretch links, but someone else surely will. Don't get hung up on what a week is depending on schedules some folk run precisely every other day others do your plan. The main thing is not to compromise your resting days, whether it's one or two please take them. Generally most of us have taken longer than 9 weeks to do the plan. The advice is usually to stretch after the run and not stretch cold 💪🏽 muscles. Oh and one final thing we have 2 site mentors @oldfloss and@iannodatruffe if you see any advice or guidance from them, then you can't go wrong. Good luck with the new you 👍

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The plan suggests a brisk five minute warm up walk. This should be sufficient to get the blood pumping and begin to warm you up. Some people do a longer walk or add in some lunges etc as pre run warmup. This may become more necessary in colder weather. You should not do static stretching of cold muscles before a run.

Post run, I always do these nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/... holding for thirty seconds. These should be pulling enough to almost be uncomfortable.

Always take your rest days. Your muscles develop micro tears when you run, which repair and strengthen on your rest days, not while running. The app and podcasts say always have at least one rest day between runs, so you can have more, or run alternate days. You are in control.

Enjoy your journey.

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Hi and welcome :)

First... well done for trying again and knowing that this time you will complete it! Stretches... well some folk do before, some not... but always after... Running as you know on cold running legs ,( muscles) not good though. and a really great warm up and walk is essential !

Dynamic stretching is the way to go if you do stretch before runs.. as IannodaTruffe says.



Loads of exercises out there...work out a regime for yourself and maybe try these on your rest days too...


After running stretching and even rolling is essential to keep those knotted muscles at bay!

Rest days.... to suit you, but you must take at least one between each run. I run Sunday, Tuesday and Friday..other folk adjust to suit their life or work pattern !

Strength and stamina exercise is great... walking, cycling, swimming, gardening! On rest days any non impact exercise will help !

Enjoy and please, keep posting!


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