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Hi all

Hi all,

Just started first run done, went struggled a bit but was determined to finish it. I use to run cross country when I was at school and now I can barely run down the street. I have got mild asthma and I have been feeling really low for years . I have tried diets but can never stick to them. I want to tone myself up and feel happier about myself any advice would be much appreciated.

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Well done and good for you. There's a lot of experience and support on here.


There is.. aren't we all so lucky!


Hi Roboltom, welcome to the forum.

Well done on completing W1 R1😊

Everyone on here felt the same as you when we started so we know how hard it is to take those first steps to improve your fitness. This plan really works and will improve your self esteem too as you acheive each session.

Remember, you are training yourself to run and during the run section need only to go at a slow jog just a bit faster than a walk..

Do some gentle leg streching after your warm down walk while your muscles are still warm.

There is lots of information on the Nhs healthunlocked c25k site which you can find by looking on the pinned posts below 'how to run and stretch correctly'

Good luck with your next run😊


Welcome to the best support network anywhere for new runners.

As a former runner you have to resist trying to run like you used to be able to. This plan works. Do all the runs, with at least one rest day between. Cross training with non impact exercise on your rest days is beneficial.

Enjoy the journey.


Hi and welcome to the best thing ever... Listen to IannodaTruffe and Bluebirdrunner ... good solid advice...:)

Listen to the Newbies too, starting, where you are... it is good to share your experiences as you go along :)

As the reply form @iannodatruffe says.. don't try to run like you used to... I was a speed runner and ran for my County and University... if I tried that now.... well,,, it would be very funny and very silly!!:)

First get the all clear from your Asthma nurse or GP, make sure your meds are all sorted too... loads of the most awesome family forum family have asthma and they do really great things!!

A healthy eating regime... not a diet, combined with this.. taken very slowly and steadily will bring untold benefits... take those rest days and keep posting too please:)


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