To all newbies

Hi all

Completed wk5 run 1 today. Am so chuffed. Never thought id be able to run for 5 mins.i run on treadmill at 4.5 mph and increase it by 0.2 mph every minute for last run session. I just wanted to say if i can do it anyone can.ive lost 8.5 pounds since i started but still have 2 stone to go.i have good and bad days but even on bad days i push myself to limit to finish. Fantastic programme and brilliant community xx

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  • Grand - you're doing really well! Remember week 1, when running for 60 seconds seemed like a big ask? Look how far you've come now! You're over half-way through - the end is in sight!

  • Hi katie,

    Thanku for ur kind words. Your right i never thought of over halfway. Wooohooo!

  • WOW! Congratulations and best wishes

  • Thanku so much xx

  • Wow, sounds like you are doing well. With an attitude like that could you bottle it please for me?! Very inspirational, well done.

  • Ha ha ha!!! Sending u some now lonelywalker!xx

  • So inspiring to read this!! I'm just starting out this wkend & wondering if I am stupid for even imagining I could run! Your post has made me think it's possible. Well done you - & thank you!

  • Hi songfish. You absolutely can do it if i can!! I did run 3 of week 5 today and am still in shock that i managed to run for 20 mins solid. It was only a few weeks back i struggled to run for 5 mins but it gets easier as u get fitter.what ive noticed is that my confidence has improved and my mindset has changed at abt week 4/5. Rather than dread it and think i wont be able to do it ive managed it without stopping so now i know i can do it and look forward to it now. Good luck and keep us posted xx

  • Thanks spragg, that's really encouraging! Sounds like you're doing fab :)

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