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hi all newcomer to the block!!!

Hi Everyone my names Mark and I have just joined this site. I am just coming to the end of week 1 of the couch to 5k programme.

I was a REAL couch potato before deciding i needed to improve my fitness. I've never considered myself to be a runner, and never really done much if any exercise. A bit naughty really as my job requires me to maintain a level of fitness (this level however is ridiculously low) it got to the point where I was out of breath after running up a few flights of stairs so I decided to pull my finger out and do something about it.

Coming to the end of week 1, my thoughts and feelings so far. Run 1, I wimped out, i managed 5 out of the 8 runs and i had to stop, i was struggling!!!

run 2 i knew straight away that i felt better and i managed all 8 runs. I decided then that I would class that as run 1.

I then went out again and again it seemed easier still, i did all 8 runs without too much trouble.

yesterday I went out again and i hardly broke a sweat, didnt get breathless and felt absolutely amazing at the end, the fact i can feel my fitness improving so early on is a massive motivator for me.


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Hi Mark!! Well done and welcome! This is such a nice forum and people are really really helpful and encouraging. I have just finished Week 2 and cant believe how much better I feel!! Never thought I would get into jogging, but then in a moment of madnes (after one too many sherries) I signed up for a 5K in May!! Good luck with it all and keep us updated!


Hi Wobblylegs Mark. I'm new too and have just done W1R1 two days ago so second time out for me today in the freezing cold! You clearly didn't wimp out, just did the sensible thing and took it at your pace. So good to hear just three runs in you feel so different. I have a dodgy knee to keep an eye on but I'm really hoping it will strengthen as I go on. Fingers crossed. Good luck for week 2. Tati.


Hi Mark, I'm new too and did W1R1 yesterday. Well done for not giving up -everyone on here says it gets easier and it sounds like you found this happened during the week. Good luck for Week 2. Look forward to hearing how you get. Clare


It's lovely to see so much lovely enthusiasm from new runners (yes, you *are* all runners).

Weird that I don't feel new to running any more, but it's only been 2 months since I started. Stick with it, and this programme will change your lives! :)


It does get easier definitely , just stick with Laura and she will get you through it :)


Hi Mark and welcome (and to all you Newbies).

I was just like you when I started, in fact apart from the odd attempt I hadn't really done any exercise since I left school 30 years ago!!!

I actually struggled a bit more than you have done and it took me 2 weeks to complete W1 but you're right, it is amazing how each run seems easier than the last and how quickly you feel your fitness improving.

I went through the programme at a really slow pace first time round so despite having graduated I am repeating it at a faster pace and am currently on W3.

What gave me a real indication of how far I've come is the other day when hubby and I were out walking the dogs in the forest and we came to this particular steep hill - well in th past I would have had to take a breather half way up and my thigh muscles would have been screaming at me. On Sunday I just marched straight up that hill and even beat hubby to the top :-)

Keep with it everyone, the sense if achievement is amazing, but not as amazing as the change it will make to your life.


Welcome Mark and very well done on completing week1. Heres hoping you manage to progress with relative ease through the next weeks. :-) I'm on to week 4 as of Monday, a bit daunting but looking back to week one I wasn't sure I could do 1 minute which I can now do with ease. Each week gives you a new challenge which you build on from the previous week. I never thought I would ever b interesting in running but here I am looking forward to my next run. :-)


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