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First Parkrun done


I cannot believe it yet but I actually did it and with a stinking cold. No excuses and best of all - no stopping! My daughter ran with me and gave a running commentary on how many runners (mostly now walking) I was overtaking, I would have laughed if I’d had the breath but it was great. Sadly my new Parkrun band refused to scan so I have to send it back. Apparently none of the new ones work, so don’t bother if anyone was thinking of getting one.

My time and place were 38.20 and 358, not that it matters but it might encourage other snails to give it a go!

Slow and steady 🐌

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Well done! A great achievement and lovely to do it with your daughter.

What type of band have you got? My son and I used our new flat bands this morning (after I managed to lose his barcode on our last run out 😔) and they were fine x

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to pianoteacher

Same here. I scanned it using a scanner app on my phone to check because it looked different from the plastic card one.

JulesG1Graduate in reply to Jay66UK

I will get it replaced with the plastic one, if I can work out how to return it.

JulesG1Graduate in reply to pianoteacher

Thanks, she is a great support. I have a rubber one with details printed straight on the outside most people are using the key fob one tied on their shoelace. Goodness knows how that gets scanned. Does the poor volunteer kneel at your feet or do you have to balance on one leg? Lol.


Well done and also thanks for the tip about the bands. Just did my second parkrun today (still walking part of it) and thought of getting a band, as much as anything else to make a contribution. Won’t bother if they might not work :)

JulesG1Graduate in reply to ArthurJG

It is a shame because it is so easy to pull on and forget it is there.


Well done! Love ParkRuns! You’ll be hooked now!

JulesG1Graduate in reply to Tasha99

I would like to be but I usually do Sunday, Wednesday and Friday runs and had to do a lot of rearranging to do this one. The idea of getting up and out by 6.30 to be finished and showered before collecting my granddaughter for a long day is not appealing. On the other hand...... I might turn into Supernana, where’s my cape?


Well done Jules ..Feeling unwell too ...That's a good time I think for us snails ..Mine was 39.30 ...parkruns are great ..I would advise everyone to do one ..Take care 😊

JulesG1Graduate in reply to Myrar

Thanks, my official time was about the same as yours. It was a nice doing it instead of being the bag carrier and baby minder for the rest of the family. 🐌 snails rock!


Well done 👍 I am still building up courage to enter...

MyrarGraduate in reply to Ang62

It's really friendly and encouraging ...You should just do it ang 😊😊

Ang62Graduate in reply to Myrar

You are so right of course 😊


That was the hard bit. I only did it because I had my daughter to hold my hand and she was sick too. I didn’t think she was going to get up and had decided I was going anyway. I was glad of her encouragement when I wanted to walk up the last hill and she kept me going, at a snail’s pace, but still running! If you have graduated, you are ready. What helped me was that I run the Parkrun route three times a week, the only difference is I had to walk up the biggest hill to get to the start instead of running up it at the beginning of my run. Doing it at the end was horrible, but familiar. 🐌

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