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Going back to running after illness!

I completed Wk4 Run 3 last Wednesday and then went off on holiday for a long weekend (hence no running!) Unfortunately I got really ill with flu on the Sunday and have been at home on the sofa recovering ever since! I'm finally starting to feel better but won't start running again until probably Monday.

With over a week and a half off, how am I supposed to get back into it?! I did find week 4 really hard but I don't want to give up now and let all my hard work go to waste :(

Any advice from people who had time off for holiday and/or illness before?

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Given you have been ill and not just resting, I'd try Run 2 of W4, it's not as taxing as R3 and should give a decent marker as to how you feel. If it's too hard go back a run, if you can cope move forward back to R3. And remember although it's a bit irritating the previous runs have added to your stamina and km bank, so aren't wasted runs. Take it slow slow and slower so you don't exhaust yourself


If you have had the flu on Sunday.. don't even think about running just yet!

Your body needs time to recover....Flu is serious... even now... so take time to get over it... when you feel completely well, then take a week to build up... walking and some gentle jogettes...the work you have done is not wasted.... just start Week 4 again. and take it slowly...

You will do far better, to wait until you are on form again...:)


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