Recurring Back Problem

Well folks I am totally gutted.

I thought I was all better and was feeling great last Saturday even after my Week 4 Run 1 run but I have put my back out again and this time it is worse and not responding to my usual treatment regime at all.

I'm going to have to admit defeat and go back to the doctors. Not that I have any confidence that that will make any difference; he'll probably just prescribe the pain killers that turn me into a zombie.

I'm sooo fed up ;( Anyone else have any suggestions, tips?


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6 Replies

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  • Ooh I have nothing to give you except my sympathy I am afraid. As you say if it's not responding to your usual treatment regime, then doctors it seems it must be! Don't become a zombie though, stay in touch and let us know how your back is getting on. It's no fun when you are on the injury couch.

  • I'm so sorry, explain to your doctor how gutted you are about your exercise being interrupted and that you think in the long term the exercise will help your back and ask for a physio referral. Sometimes combination therapy can get you back on your feet for good.

  • Oh dear.. this is horrid for you.

    As Realfoodieclub suggests, then maybe asking for a Physio referral and having a good chat with your GP, could be helpful. Pain killers, are not going to sort this for you... especially if they make you feel ill :)

    Please keep us posted :)

  • I had the same issues with my doctor. He diagnosed a bad back and painkillers for decades. I had to change my doctor for boundary change reasons. The new doctor sent me for an MRI scan and from the results I had a major back operation. Fusing discs together and being replaced with nuts and bolts. It's not perfect now but before the op I was in pain walking but now I can run 3 times a week. Pain killers are not correcting the problem. If it is a long term back problem your doctor needs to find out what is causing it instead of prescribing pain killers to mask the condition.

  • Sounds like your doctor is treating the symptoms but not addressing the problem, which was less of a problem when you loved your couch but now, you are a runner!

    I found physiotherapists have the opposite approach and after years of issues like yours, the physiotherapist I saw analysed what was going on, treated the pain short term, taught me how to move differently and gave me exercises to do if it recurred. I love him! Well worth checking out if you can, even if you have to pay to get seen quicker ( referrals can take forever).

    Good luck and don't think you can't post or reply to others just cos you are on the injury couch, you still belong here๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿข๐ŸŒŸ

  • Thanks everyone. Have to admit, child birth is preferable to this pain at least with that I knew it would be over soon lol.

    seriously though I'm very fed up. Have an appointment on 5/9 to see a McTimoney Chiropractor so we'll see what she says.

    In the meantime I'm with you in my head if not physically out running at the minute. Enjoy x

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