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What next?

Sooo...have set myself the target of running a sub-30 minute 5k (I ran 35 1/2 at Saturdays Parkrun) and I'm after some advice on how to achieve my goal. Do I continue running just 5k and try to up my pace? Do I do some shorter runs at a faster pace which will hopefully help the longer ones or do I look to increase the distance to give me the endurance to up my pace for the 5k?

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What's the hurry? You've graduated recently so just get into the habit of running regularly and build your running legs. Many people don't ever achieve a sub30 minute 5K so don't fret too much if it takes a while 🙂

Mixing up your running is probably the best way - speed/hills/long, slow runs but I would say consolidate first for a while and then focus on your speed/distance. But don't forget the joy 🤗


Thanks Irish. I haven't set myself a timescale as I know it's a way off yet. I'd be happy at the minute to just run around the same time consistently and to do it without feeling so out of puff. I still walk or slow the pace for a bit if I feel the need and I am very much enjoying the freedom and 'me' time that Running's giving me. I am though a person that needs to have something to work towards. Timescales are flexible but I personally need a target although I get not everybody does.

Thank you for the advice, I did wonder if mixing it up a bit was the way to go 🙂

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You need to begin running further, building stamina so that your 5k feels easier and therefore possibly faster. Also try speed sessions, longer slower runs, intervals, hills. All will increase stamina which will help speed.


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