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Couch to 5K
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About to start the hardest run

Turned 49 last week.

Currently weigh 108kg / 17st.

Asthma, high blood pressure, dodgy knees. 42" waist.

Drink considerably more than the recommended amount (I live in a country where its the equivalent of 60p a pint). I also tend to eat late and not the healthiest.

Europe sales manager for a large corporate so life is spent in hotels and eating with clients or aircraft / airport food.

They say that you only ever find something when you are ready to find it even though it was always there.

Here goes......

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Hey GB, well done on joining the best running club in the world. here we all help each other, up down or roundabout.

Our site mentors are Oldfloss and IannodaTruffe look out for their posts and responses and you won't go far wrong.

Enjoy Run 1 if you can and you have taken the hardest step - kicking the couch and getting out there.

Please let us know how you get on

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Good work for recognising the need for change, dude.


This is the place to come. Running won't help you lose much weight by itself, but it will highlight that abusing your body is counterproductive.

Good luck making a change.


Good luck! Take it slow and in a few weeks you'll be ridiculously pleased with yourself and the progress you make. This running malarkey is bit love / hate, but strange and mysterious forces take hold of you about Week 3 and suddenly it's not something you want to give up! Everyone on here is really supportive so any time you feel it's tough, put out a post, we've all been there!

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