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The hardest bit?

Hi everyone,

I've been lurking the past few weeks - I know what you're all up to but haven't posted much!

Just finished W3R2 today, and have noticed that I always find the first run the hardest, which surprises me as I would have thought it would be one of the last (tiredness etc).

Which bits do you struggle with the most? Beginning, middle, end? 20 minutes in?

P.S actually shouted 'NO!' out loud when Laura asked if I was rested on the podcast! :)

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Probably the beginning (after the 5 min. walk). It takes me a while to get my pace steady.


Oh, it varies hugely on each run. On yesterday's 8K, it all felt pretty much unpleasant until 5.99K when it suddenly all came together and felt easier and much nicer. Some runs I settle early on, some much later, it all depends. On what, I've no idea at all, I'm afraid!

Also, I find that one system may not want to work with the other. Sometimes lungs work, legs don't wish to cooperate. Sometimes legs feel great and the lungs don't want to know. None of which can ever be predicted in advance!

Nice to see you out of Lurking Mode; keep posting - and good luck for run three! :-)


Hi ceelou, I'm on W3 too and I've been finding the last two runs harder.

I was interested to read Miles_Yonder's experience of runs and systems being unpredictable. I think I'd got an unrealistic expectation of a gradual linear progression.


I am on Week 4 and ran outside for the first time yesterday. I found the first run the hardest yesterday. I think it was the transition to outside. When I run the treadmill, the last run is the hardest. I will be interested to see how I cope when I am running for longer (and I shout at Laura too :0) )


First few minutes! It feels like my legs are tied in a knot, and I have never run before! I know a lot of people here struggle with their breathing for the first few minutes, but for me it's like I've got someone else's legs on...


The first few minutes are usually the hardest as your body is not fully warmed up.

Some people find is usefull to extend the warm up walk or do a few stretches.

Well done on starting the program and good luck


Hardest part.... putting my trainers on

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I find the last run the hardest!


I still find the first 5 mins the hardest - leaden legs etc. I have to try mind games to get me through - ninja / panther style light on my feet, relax the shoulders, shopping list then suddenly seem to get into my stride. Some days it's just hard - but still out there trying to run.

good luck with the programme


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