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Any tips for preventing calf muscle injuries?

I thought I was stretching and warming up enough. First time was 16 days ago, I felt a pop and had to get my hubbie to come and get me. Iced and rested for 12 days, then last Thursday, 4 days ago, I set out for a gentle run. Made sure I stretched and then walked for 5 mins, 4.5 mins into my first run I felt it go again. This time not as bad as I managed to hobble home.

Am I just being impatient? I've been plagued with niggles, first my knee and then my shins.

I struggle with not being able to get out and run, I've been on week5 for months now 🙁

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Some time ago now I was getting a lot of niggles in my knees and ankles and came across these warm up exercises from Runners World runnersworld.com/the-body-s...

I do them before every run, and then the 5 minute warm up walk, and then after I always finish with stretches. I do the first three of these nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/... and then some arm stretches too.

It might be worth checking out you've got the right shoes too. I know a lot of people here have gone for gait analysis at a running shop where they will then tell you if you are under or over pronating or neutral, and then recommend the types of shoe that will best support you.

Hope you manage to stop those niggles, I know how frustrating it is when you can't run.


When, early in the programme, about W2, I pulled a muscle in my calf, I stopped running for a while and eventually went to see my GP. She advised me that these muscle pulls take 3 days getting worse then 3 weeks to get better. She was right, to the day. So maybe you need to just give in to it, stop running until it is healed and then go back a week.

Sorry, that may not be what you want to hear.


If it popped... stop...this all sounds vaguely familiar...

Please, check out some of my past posts maybe... I had very similar thing happen and am only just back to running properly again...my initial injury turned out to be a tear in the calf muscle. I was unaware that it was that, when it happened.

I posted about my initial injury on Bridge to 10K and my comeback on C25K... it may be of help to you to compare notes:)

I self treated and did everything by the book..but it recurred... twice... and Sports Physio treatment was the outcome... I was signed off the treatment on the 22nd July with a regime laid out for the next two weeks...I did my first proper return run on Sunday :)

I am not trying to frighten you...just save you more pain and more missed runs because it is as you say horrid... I would advise seeing a Sports Physio...if only to put your mind at rest..

You are having a rough time and it needs to be sorted for you... let us know how you go on ?


Thanks for all the advice, I'm away with the kids for a few days but I've contact a sports physio to get an appt when I'm home. He's going to send me some exercises to get me started until my appt.


Started the exercises and I've an appt to see the physio on 6th Sept ( earliest date I could get)

Having a date has helped. I've signed up with the local athletics club to train for a Christmas 10k, starts 2nd October. I really wanted to get a couple of 5k's under my belt before then.

My sensible head says it will be fine and getting my calf sorted properly will reduce further injury.

My heart just wants to run 🏃 ❤️😂


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