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Went out for my first run with Rob and his Westie. It felt like week 1 again. I could tell it was a "walk in the park" for him as I'm really slow and he speeds and lights up 30mph signs these days. It didn't help being uphill and against the wind and it felt like I was going sooooo slow. My personal best up to that point was 10.30 mins/km, but when I sync my garmin on our return, I had done 8.43 mins/km and it felt slow. There may be hope for the old girl yet!

Aiming for a 5k run at the end of May then a 10k at Stratford in July, yes it was our Westie who was high giving everyone last year.

Now hoping to hit my weight goal at my weigh in on Tuesday, only 1 1/2 pounds to go. another run tomorrow should do it I hope. I am officially in training. Thankyou to Rob and his Westie who set a perfect pace and who was patient running at what for him must have been a snails pace. I think he enjoyed it. Same time same place next week.


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  • It's really hard running into the wind. You feel like your legs are not taking you anywhere don't you. All that extra effort will have burned more calories though, so that's good news right there!

    Keep plugging away and your speed will improve. It does take a while but you'll get there. Your lungs have to get stronger too as you need the puff and then the legs will fall into line

    Training will keep you focussed and more enthused about things. It will also help with your weight loss. You'll begin to feel much better too!

  • Thank you miss wobble, appreciate your positivity, onwards and upwards

  • Goal weight reached, I can now focus more on the running which will in turn help the weight

  • I was pretty proud of you actually. Especially, the 'big finish'!

  • Awwww what a lovely post, congratulations on All your acheivements, they are terrific. Your normal pace is close to mine so I know how you must of dug deep down to speed up like that well done. Happy running.

  • That's a brilliant time, I started about 10.45 per KM last year, slowly but surely it has come down...your time will too, and you've made a good start xx

  • I read these posts in awe. Well done to you and good luck with Tuesday weigh in. :-)

  • Goal weight reached

  • How is your journey going?

  • Woo hoo well done you. Treat yourself to new trainers :-D

  • I will eventually, but in smug mode, until tomorrows run which will soon wipe the smile off, extending it a bit more again.

  • Ha ha enjoy your smugness you deserve it! I feel so positive about the running and the weight loss. This site is so good for motivation the people are all so helpful and friendly. I've got my final week 2 run tomorrow and sad but really can't wait. How far do you run on average now. I can't wait to finish the 9 weeks. I'm aiming to do the race for life locally this year. :-)

  • I'm run in for 30 35 mins every other day plus Sunday and Monday one after the other. Suffering from aching muscles but still smiling. I'm also doing race for life at the end of May. Glad you are enjoying your c25k it's great that you want to finish it. A word to the wise, do not skip any of the sessions, it's tempting but it's structured the way it is for a reason so three times a week with a rest day in between. Oh and don't forget that banana when you're done. I still eat mine while I'm stretching.

  • Thank you for your great advice and support. I am enjoying it and really look forward to my running days. Though did wake up this morning with sore calves and yesterday wasn't a running day :-( I have changed running style week 2 as Laura advised to heel first so will be going back to mid foot which was suiting me better. I hope to do the race for life this year as well, walked it about 5 years ago but gonna give it a go as my first 5k. Will start saving my banana till after my run usually have one for lunch. Thanks for the follow. Not sure how to do it but will have a go.

  • If your muscles are sore then that means you're doing something right! As my hubby says even. Mo Farah (sp) suffers when he's done. My legs have suffered the last couple of days too.

    Going to a friends WeightWatchers class tomorrow night and im leaving the car at home and running there! Oh dear I really have caught the running bug, it gets to you. It's exactly a mile door to door. And I'm doing tat on a rest day.

    I got your follow so you did good.

  • Definitely doing something right my legs are killing me but have just finished my last run for week 2 :-). I can't wait for the day when I think its only a mile I'll run lol. Fair play to you and a weight watchers class. Hope you have a nice evening. I'm having a great day just hope I feel this positive Monday (my weigh in day).

  • Big mistake on the running to WeightWatchers, fell over and now look like a disaster area plus hurt my knee. Typical me.

  • Good luck for weigh in. What diet club are you with?

  • Ouch nothing worse than falling over. I hope you're ok and it's not too bad :-( I'm not with a diet club I'm doing the NHS 12 week plan. It says to try and stay within 1400 calories a day which is fine apart from when I get bored I tend to eat. So it's trying to break that habit and fill free time with activity. I weigh myself every Monday morning to monitor progress. I hope you've had a good day and aren't too sore!

  • Congrats on getting to goal. If you keep running you'll better that, if that's the aim

  • Yes that is definately the aim it would be nice to have a few pounds as a buffer. Don't think today's run will be great not feeling too good, but I will do something as the fear now is the weight going back on.

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