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My running buddy!

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I had unexpected company on my W6 R2 this morning!

Unfortunately I woke my daughter up whilst getting myself ready to go and she wanted to come along. Despite being 32 years my junior she struggled to keep up but gave it a bloody good go and seemed to really enjoy it (although that might partly be down to her life work being dedicated to annoying her big brother and I let her take his phone for listening to music. He was still sleeping but I've no doubt she'll relish telling him later and I'll have WW3 on my hands). I'm really proud of her and if it carries on I'm thinking we could do Race for Life together next year.

On a similar note, I've convinced my hubby to give C25K a go and he went for his first run yesterday morning. He said he liked it but was surprised how knackered he was at the end of it. He's been in pain since and I suspect he hasn't stretched properly. Let that be a lesson to him!

If I could just convince my almost teenager son to join us too then I think C25k will be a great family activity. We can do it together, in pairs or alone but it's a joint venture.

Watch this space!

2 Replies

Well done. I occasionally get to run with my daughter - when she feels like it. Though I have recently found she loves the Park run. Worth trying, if you haven't already.


Fab pic and she has earphones too! a professional in the making. Well done you on getting out there and continuing and I must say I really like that running top. See I am a fully paid up member of runners anonymous am now developing kit envy!.

Hope the whole snackshack family become a running thing. Brilliant


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