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No walking no problem!

Hi everyone!! I have just completed w6r3 and feel great/amazed!! A full 25 mins of running! Good thing is that I much prefer the one long run effort than run walk run!! I found it much easier to run at one pace than start again to establish a pace again after walking!

Just shows the program does work! For all you guys worrying about w5r3 or w6r3 you might just surprise yourself when you are out there!!! Man this running stuff is addictive!!!🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻

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Addictive is the word... I looked at my 5 pairs of running shorts and wondered if I had enough or needed another!! Well done you on W6 the 25 Minutes achievement is a good one. Good luck and happy running


Well done... keep it slow and steady and as the runs get longer, ( which I agree, they are wonderful) then relax and really enjoy the journey :)


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