Clock watching

. I use the app at the gym and and I find myself looking down at the timer far too often. I mean I have to be sure I'm stopping and starting at the right moments but for example on a ten minute segment I'm checking every half a minute. I guess on a treadmill there isn't much to occupy your mind. Other than the stitch on the final few minutes. Always fun. Anyway point is I always feel I can do Alot more after a run than my mind initially assumes and I only struggle because I'm too busy worrying about the timer. I'd listen to a podcast if I didn't find the ear phones popping out all the time and the extra weight of the phone I'm listening to. I'm Rambling... I need distractions. These runs are getting long now. Perhaps I need to ditch the gym runs now.??


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  • Yep... ditch them and get out there... it is simply great.. different, but great... and so much to keep you occupied when running.:) If you have read any of my rambles, ( and believe me, you are not rambling,) then you will know how much there is out there.

    It is always, always good to finish with something left in the tank..and to be able, as Laura says, to finish in style. Please don't be tempted to push too hard... time for speed and distance, will follow Graduation!

    Take it steady and slow and I think you may just get hooked :)

  • Yeah I'm in no hurry. The stitch I've had the past 3 runs late on reminds me of this. But I manage it and keep going. Pain is all in the mind right? Lol

    I think I'll drive up to Southampton common and run on the grass areas there. Also they do the 5k park runs in the same area so might get to know the route while I'm at it.

  • Great plan...there are so many benefits for us gained by running off-road. Also lots of posts on stitch !

    Lots of the forum family have different ways of coping with it, so if it persists there will be good advice. I have only had it once in two years, and the breathing advice from Laura solved that!

    It will be good to see how you get on after that first outside run :)

  • Thanks for the words. About time my trainers saw some dirt.

  • I thought I'd hate running outside . I love it. I also swear by Bluetooth speaker thingies.

  • Why not! Break free from the ties that bind ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Love it!!! x

  • From someone who did the program last year on treadmill and now doing it outside: Definitely get outside!!

    It sounds like you have some lovely areas to run in.

    I use Bluetooth headphones and listen to the app and my music. You don't look at the time then, you just wait for Laura to tell you when the changes are

    Good Luck and let us know how you get on; sure you'll love it ๐Ÿ‘

  • Can you recommend a pair of BT headphones? The last pair I bought were rubbish

  • Hi. The pair I have are Taotronics. They're really good.

    If you scroll through my previous posts I asked a question here about which ones to get and I had some good recommendations

  • That's interesting. The ones I bought recently were Taotronics. They sounded awful so I have returned them. They were just too tinny. They have offered to send me the next model up, so fingers crossed they will be better.

  • Interesting. The ones I'm looking at are 19.99 on Amazon down from 28.99 using prime.

  • I will let you know what the replacement ones are like

  • Definitely gonna look at some bt ear buds. Thanks guys.

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