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Bye bye week 7!

Well decided again on an extra rest day as I had been feeling a tad rough last week. Set off this morning in the beautiful late summer sun. Started a bit tentatively to make sure I felt OK and yes I did. About half a mile in I noticed I was still wearing my glasses (only need them for driving, watching tv). I noticed them as they were ever so slightly slipping down my nose. Nowhere to put them so had to keep shoving them back up.

The puddles had gone and someone had moved the fallen tree, and I was feeling good. Even Laura had come back to me and was keeping me going. It was still hard work but I was enjoying it. It was only when I got to my warm down walk that I noticed for the first time a sign near the path saying 'easy trail'. Hmph, well it didn't feel easy to me. I looked in the distance to where I finish and my goodness I saw a cow, near where the cars were parked. I wiped my (steamed up) glasses and looked again. Oops, it was a black and white greyhound - but he was huge.

So an eventful but satisfying run 3. Here's to week 8.

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Exciting!!!! That dog must have been big!!! Eek!

Sounds like a great run... well done you!

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What prescription glasses are they? Greyhounds as big as cows, or cows as small as greyhounds? Either way i think this means you are running further than you imagine. And signwriters are well known for malicious humour... On my last rock scramble (actually only ever rock scramble) I swear I saw a '20 minutes to go sign' at least 3 times before finishing. So easy trail probably meant easy if you were Sherpa Tensing.

All in all bareliz you've done Week 7, and that medal is shining and jumping in the drawer waiting for the podium. Great run, great post - greyhounds as big as cows....love them

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Well it was a very big greyhound - honest! That and the fact I was probably starting to hallucinate near the end. Yes got a mental image of that medal - it's calling to me. :)


It is - it is inscribed with your name and it's gold...

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