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Oldie newbie here

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Hi, all. Completed w1r3 yesterday. Still alive - just. Actually, I'm amazed that I was able to get through week one without any probs - I am 69, after all. I've been reading all your wonderful advice all week and taking things slowly and carefully. I'm following Laura's podcasts. This is so much better than trying to do it alone. It's great having the lovely calm voice of Laura telling me what to do and when. I even like her dodgy music. c25k is so well designed - I'm loving it. Can't wait for Monday and week two.

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Hi and welcome.. there is a fair few of us youngsters on here:)

Well done for starting this great programme and joining the forum family :) Slow and steady is they way, and you may, as many do, get tired of hearing me advocate it. But, it works...:)

It gets us to the nine week, 30 minute runs, usually, safely and injury free and having had fun too!

Follow Laura, ( she is great), take the rest days, more if you need them.. and listen to your body..which will probably protest a little :) Extra exercise on rest days, ( non-impact) is really useful for building up core strength and stamina... even a day's gardening or housework can help!

Post too, for great support and encouragement:)

Great to have you here with us :)

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Thanks, Oldfloss. I've already taken on board lots of your advice from reading posts here this week. I've quickly realised that this is not a race - it's about doing the work steadily and getting there.

I've got a pretty large garden with always plenty to do. I'll be out with the hedge trimmer a bit later.

At last, someone else who likes Laura's dodgy music!! Welcome!!

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Thanks, Maztink. I think Laura's playlist is secretly very clever. I find the beat usually coincides with the pace that's comfortable for that stage.


Morning, plenty of us post 60 oldies here! Well done on starting the journey, as everyone here will tell you, you've taken the toughest step. Keep posting, this is a great forum with terrific support from mentors, graduates and the rest of us on the way to 5k or 30 minutes.

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Thanks, 61trying. I'd never heard of c25k before last Saturday. I happened to hear Natalie Haynes mention it on Radio 4 Extra in a programme about marathon running. Here I am just a week later having done week one!

Well done. Week 1 is one of the hardest. OldFloss is absolutely right about keeping it slow and steady. Also extra rest days. I was very unfit before I started this and get overly tired sometimes so taking extra rest days really help. Listen to Oldfloss and the others on this forum and you won't go far wrong. Good luck!

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Thanks, bareliz. I'm not too shy to take good advice. I need to get to week nine without too many problems, so I'll be listening and heeding.

Brilliant you've done the hardest week, by kicking the couch and committing to a new plan. Slow, slow, slower as Oldfloss always says, and you'll be fine. Well done you enjoy Week 2

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Thanks, Jancanrun. "Slow, slow, slower." I have it printed out on a poster above my desk!

Welcome Late-Starter, great to have you with us. I've only been on this journey myself for a few weeks and on here I have found that the support and advice is fantastic, also age is no barrier in this community πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ» we are all here to help and encourage.

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Thanks, HelplessSpectator. It's such a great feeling to have all this support. I'll be taking it all out with me on my next run, on Monday, along with Laura, of course.


I haven't started yet. I'm off on holiday tomorrow but hope to start the programme on the following Monday. Love reading all your posts as they give me lots of confidence. No real exercise for about six/seven years, so will have to push myself. Well done to all of you, you sound amazing.

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Welcome, scotinexile. Have a great holiday, but come back raring to go. Push yourself to get started, by all means, but once going take it nice and gently.

I was an Englishman in exile in Scotland for a long time - stayed in the Borders right at the end of the Pennine Way, then in Fife near Cupar and then on a little island off the north-west coast above Ullapool collecting midge bites. I worked in Edinburgh In the earlier part, perhaps my favourite city ever.

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