Just got back & I still can't run for 5 minutes and it's starting to bother me....why can't I do it??? Done R3W4 AGAIN...I'm going to have to do it again on Thursday!!!


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35 Replies

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  • You can do it. Since W1R1 you have been running for 8 minutes - you are just avoiding all that walk/ run interruption. Trouble is from the moment you start running, you are waiting to be told to stop.

    Try not to clock watch. Change your route if it helps. Pick a point (i.e postbox) and run to it. Once there pick another landmark and tell yourself you will run to that. Keep doing this until whoever you running coach is tells you its time to stop.

    I found it hard running to time, so that's why I gave myself distance goals instead and tried not to think about the time. You've got this!!

  • You are so right...I am..I even keep the app open so I can see how long I have left...I should try running on the pavement, then I'll have goals as I just run round the same path in the park so only dogwalkers can see me!!! I set off with such determination then I get to 3 mins & feel myself flagging so I stop and walk for 30 seconds (ish, no more) & then carry on...I'm fine with the three mins...but then I run for about 3 1/2 4 mins of the last run walk for about 20 secs & set off again...grrrrrr...I feel like I'm letting myself down...& I hate putting posts like this!!! 😑😑😑

  • The strategy I used that if I really had to stop running... I walked the rest of the podcast. I feel strongly that this is better than random 'walk a bit, run a bit' which doesn't give you clear markers for progress (All the walk/run you do need is built into the programme)

    Sometimes 'determination' can be a bit of a burden to carry round with you for the whole session. You only need it when you feel yourself flagging!

    Don't forget, it's a running *motion* and a walking *motion* Pace is irrelevant. Smaller steps can help.

  • Exactly this technique helped me to run for 8 min, after previous unsuccessful run. Till that tree, till that lamp, till that house, just to the turn... When I was getting close, I was patting myself on the bach and picking a new landmark. Remember to mentaly appreciate that you've reached your landmark ;)

  • Sounds like you are trying to hard take an extra days rest refocus and get out there and you should crack it just relax and go and enjoy this is supposed to be fun not a chore.

  • Can you run any more slowly? Are you running as slowly as you dare? I'm betting that you can slow down and complete the run. Use whatsapps idea of picking out landmarks if it helps but really concentrate on running slowly. I had this problem at week 3 - I could not run for 3 minutes - except that I found I could if I ran slowly enough. I graduated last week as proof that you really can do this, even when, at times, you think you can't.

  • Week 4 is a pesky little blighter and somehow its niggling you. That is a problem because you'll build it up to be way more of an issue than it really is. You've done all the prep, now complete it in your head. Even saying out loud I am going to do this helps. Take an extra days rest - remember that tip of when you are running imagine someone is looking at you on the opposite side of a hedge and they shouldn't be able to see any head bobbing, you should be ninja like... soft steps, soft landings and slow slow slower as sheps says and you'll do it. We will run with you virtually next time out. Mummycav you are a winner and a ninja. Week 4 is in your sights.

  • You CAN do this!! I am with shep - run as slow as you can - and still slower. I was struggling too and took advice from Oldfloss and Rignold. Yes, I knew I could walk faster at times!!

  • And try not to worry about who sees you, that's just another off put..

    You'll do it, your not in any pain so push through the gremlins with determination!😊

  • You CAN do it. Even those runs you have been repeating have been building up your fitness. And you can use signposts in the park, too. The next oak... the next silver birch... the next leaf on the ground... the next puddle... (Can you tell I had a lot of practice doing that?) 😊

  • πŸ‘πŸ»πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  • I'm not sure if I can run slower but I will try next time...I've managed 5 minutes on two separate occasions so I know it's in there somewhere...I'm going to try running on the public!!! 😱

  • Yep. New route time. Just get out there and do it. Nobody will be looking. And you'll have wonderful new scenery to distract you.

  • There is always, always slower... believe me after my wet slow run this morning.. I gave a whole new meaning to slow!

  • I'll let you know what I have been doing. I walk briskly up a steep hill for 10 minutes then run down it. Try this for a couple of days.

  • You can run slower, I was struggling a bit then the phrase sustainable pace came up on a post and I suddenly realised that why I was struggling was because I was running at a pace I couldn't sustain so I slowed it down a little and crikey suddenly I was doing it.

    So just slow it down a bit and yes pick a goal in the distance to run to and then pick another and you'll breeze it

    For me it's sustainable pace!

  • Just read this one!! Thankyou...I will be thinking this on Fri πŸ€”πŸ‘πŸ»πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  • Just realised that it was at week 4 when the phrase sustainable pace came up and the penny dropped for me

  • ???? Tell me more!!

  • just shorten your stride a little and take it nice and steady with your feet kissing the ground as you stride out --- you'll glide through it

    Go girl go, we're all rooting for you

  • But you can... stop thinking about it...slow, slow and slower.. look around, make up rhymes. sing a song in your head , plan next weeks meals! Change of route.... and just relax into it.

    Sometimes we do get a bit hung up on a run and it hampers us... know you can do this:)

    We know you can :) We will be with you when you do it :)

  • I know you will...I can hear you on my ear!!! I will be off again on Friday...I don't know how to 'tag' on here otherwise I'd tag you when I put my post on??!! x

  • start with a click on the @ button... then start to type the name you wish to tag..hover over it... and the names will appear below the post or reply and you click on the one you want.... Mummycav109 try it:)

  • Ok...@oldfloss

  • πŸ˜•πŸ€”

  • Doesn't work on mobes

  • @old

  • πŸ˜‚

  • @oldfloss @ doesn't work on the app by the πŸ‘€ of it.

  • Ohhhh is that why?!! Thank god it's not me being thick!!! πŸ˜†

  • number73 Mummycav109 Do you mean you think it doesn't work on your phone? Sometimes you need to scroll down a bit to see the list of names once you do @name. But it may be the app, as you say. I don't use it as I've had issues with it before; I just go to the website via my browser (even on my mobile).

  • You know you can do it and we definitely know you can because we've all been where you are now. I also used to watch the little dial on my phone move round then I started actually counting the seconds down for the last two minutes, you know, the old 'one second, two second' etc. It worked for me by the time I'd lost count a few times and cursed myself the five minutes were up! Not an approved technique but worked for me in the first few weeks! Good luck and let us know how you get on?

  • What I do when I'm struggling is to chant the following to myself with each syllable in time with each stride: "stop-ing-is-not-an-op-tion". Or sometimes I'll replace "stop-ing" with "fail-ure". Works for me!

  • I am on week 4, and now only the last run to go. I did the first run sooooo slowly (in the rain) because I needed to finish for the gremlin on my shoulder telling me that I couldn't manage 5 minutes. When I say slowly, I managed one side of the cricket pitch in 5 minutes. Nigh on the same pace as walking but running motion and slightly faster.

    Run2, I picked up the pace a bit as I knew I could manage.

    Slow, then slower but you can do it. My partner failed run 1 as he shot off at speed. By running with me, he managed his second attempt (my run 2).

  • I am determined to conquer next time!! Thankyou

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