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Plodding along

Hey guys! Havent been on in a while as spending some time with my fiance as we are long distance! But still keeping up with my runs! (Mostly) on w6 r2 now and shocked at myself and how far we have all came and i was so apprehensive and thought i couldnt do it! But here we are! The weight journey is a little of but have had a few comments saying i have lost weight even though according to the scales i put on 4 of the 7 pounds i lost on holiday 🙈 ooops! But feeling great in myself and cant believe only got 3 weeks left! Keep pushing on guys, you can all do this! #wecanrun #usgirlscan

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Go my run buddy go. So damn proud we are keeping it together, our graduation badges are jumping around in their drawer, waiting for podium day.

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Going great guns... not far to go now. You just keep on plodding, you'll be flashing that shiny badge before you know it 😊😊😊


Very well done..! Keep it slow and steady, you are getting so close to that podium now!

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