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A bit disappointed

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Hi guys I’m to my last week 9 run tomorrow, I have done great and I’m super proud of myself not just with the program but healthy eating watching my calories and I have everyday since the start of this program burned off much more calories than I am taking in and I have lost weight each week, but today I have weighed myself and I haven’t lost a thing!! but also haven’t gained anything (which is a positive)! anyone know why this would be, I am training really hard ! Just a bit disappointed I’ve lost nothing

11 Replies
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I think sometimes our bodies reach a plateau & it’s harder to lose the weight. You sound as if you have done so well so far. How much more would you like to lose? I’m sure next week you will see a loss. 😀

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De48Graduate in reply to Pinkpig20

Yes I shouldn’t be disappointed because I wanted to lose a Stone after week 9 and I’ve lost 12llb I just wanted to see another 2llb off this week but I guess I have another week .. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing !! also I think Muscle that I’m building obviously weighs more than fat

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Pinkpig20Graduate in reply to De48

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet will see a weight loss. Yes muscle will be developed where it hadn’t before. Keep on keeping on! You will get there! 😀

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30 minutes of running doesn't burn a huge amount. You'll have developed muscle in place of fat.

The best measure of progress at this stage is a tape measure. Are your clothes fitting differently?

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De48Graduate in reply to nowster

Yes they are hanging better for sure .. I’m running 7 days a week and burning about 2300 a day and eating around 1500 calories a day

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Quite often what we lose is water and not fat and mistake that for weight loss. A bottle of water later we are back to square one. 5K runs burn the equivalent of a chocolate bar, or just a few hundred calories. But, if you carry on running and are persistent about your lifestyle change in terms of calorie burn/intake, you WILL lose weight. Running after a period of time is a weight shredder if done right. Long slow runs can burn calories like confetti. When I marathon trained I lost 9kg. And that wasn't water, that was the stuff around the waist. Ok, I lost more than I should've done, but I lost it all the same. Be persistent and patient, carry on and the results will come.

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sTrongFuseGraduate in reply to mrrun

I agree and was similar. Running 5k is mostly achieved by burning our sugar reserves. Slowing down and running further is what tips most of us into fat burning mode. I lost a small amount during C25K, but it was only when I was regularly running 10K and more that the weight loss really happened.

2 years on and I suspect I've now lost all that I will, but having shed 15kg in that period, I can live with that.

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The more weight you lose, the harder (longer!) you need to 'work' to burn more calories.

For running, it goes like this: you burn 1 calorie, per kilogram of bodyweight, per kilometer ran.

So if you are 70kg, and run 5k, then you'll burn (70x5), 350 calories.

Let's say you diet and exercise and lose 10kg (well done!) and run 5k. Your 5k run will now burn 300 calories, not 350.

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My weight lose has been low, but on the other hand I now fit into clothes I hadn't been able too for ages.... My bra does up on the smallest hooks now... Try measuring yourself. This photo changed my view about what is going on inside....

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This might help explain it anitabean.co.uk/https-anita...

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Don’t worry about it. Focus on your running progress. After graduation and consolidation, you might consider some HIIT work or intervals.

In the mean time... stop being disappointed because you are totally smashing this 😎

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