Thought I'd have to have 4 days off but I crept out of the house this morning while everyone was still sleeping and did actually wasn't as bad as I thought....I did walk a little bit on the first 5 min run & for about 30 seconds on the last 5 mins so I think I will go over W4 again


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  • So me looking forward to your post happened much sooner than I thought. Couldn't take that extra day ... you are addicted. Well done , it also sounds to me that maybe you don't need to do all of W4 again, the extra walking not so much. But I am not an expert, it just seems you're very close and maybe W5 would be okay? But whatever you decide to do, have a great run next time out

  • I love running now!!! I even contemplated running on the pavement, I've avoided this in case anyone sees me!!!!! 😂 I will prob just repeat the 3rd run of week 4, I just want to complete each run to the end...& tell everyone I've done it!!!!

  • Channel your inner ninja, people on pavements invariably are looking at the floor. You can whoosh past them and they won't even know you were there...

  • That's so true....or they walk along with their faces in their phones!!! 🙄

  • So either way you're fine... an invisible blur if speed in ninja trainers

  • They will not even notice you.. a silent blur smoothly moving past :)

  • I might miss the 'oldfloss' bush though!!!!! 😬

  • Well..... yes :) x I could run with you on the pavements though :) My calf is much better now:)

  • Well done MummyCav😊...

    Can just imagine you tiptoeing out with your running shoes to get your run in before mummy duties start😄...

    You did well, could you have gone a bit slower for the 5min runs?

    One more successful go at it would secure it... take your rest day first of course.

    Then onwards and upwards😉

    Extra brownie points for running today.x

  • Awww, Thankyou...I could maybe have gone a bit slower...but I felt the second 5 minutes a bit easier...I've read somewhere on here about '2nd wind' and when I read it it made sense because through previous weeks I've always found the 2nd run the easiest....well, I use the term 'easiest' lightly!!!!! That's exactly what it was, sneaking out before mummy duties start!!! Having three children is busy & running can take up a chunk of the day at the weekend...but it was nice running early on.😊😊😊

  • Told you that you could do it! Well done for getting out there.

  • If you need to, because you want to have done it all, properly, then just do the last run :)

    You are doing amazingly ... onward and upward x

  • Well done. I agree just do the last run again. It will give you confidence for week 5 knowing you have conquered it. 🌻

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