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Week 3 / hardcore

Hello all

New to the forum.

I'm on a bit of a lifestyle overhaul, food diary, exercise and so far really enjoying it and have lost a stone.

I did a 5k race three years ago, following C25K but stopped shortly after owing to a fairly horrific leg accident.

I'm back, and three weeks in, have been finding this week really hard but am persisting.

Have signed up to a 10k end of September to mark 20 years since my Dad died, will be happy if I can jog half, maybe even a little bit more.

Has anyone else struggled when they got to week 3?

Did second run last night, and had to walk for 10 seconds or so in middle of last three minute chunk but finished it off.

Third go tomorrow

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Hi and welcome... nice to have you back:)

If in doubt slow down.. if possible slow down more...:) At this stage, if the week is hard, and many of us find the early runs very hard... then that is what is needed :) Slow and steady is the way.. building up stamina and strength with every run...:)

If it was a 10 second walk..move on to the next run... :)

Take your rest days, stamina and core strength and other exercise on those rest days.. listen to your body and do not push too hard!

You have been here before and you know the form :) So... be kind to yourself and just take it gently :)

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Hey TWG well done you coming back into the running mode, it must have been tough for you to get this far. Week 3 was when I felt I was moving from having a go at running to actually running proper, because the extra runs and time are asking you to use the stamina you have built up. You've done well so far and obviously you are committed as you've signed up for a 10k to commemorate your dad. No one does that without some mental grit. With that grit and following the plan at old floss and her world famous slow pace, you'll break through the Wk 3 barriers. Keep letting us know how you get on, so we can cheer you

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Welcome, as others have said before, you've done the hard bit. You have a really worthwhile goal so stick with the prog and you'll get there.

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Thanks everyone, wise words and great support.

I did week 3 run 3 on Sunday and found it easier that than the second time, but still quite a challenge. Feels good.

Now to start week 4 today, wish me luck!

Happy Tuesday x

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Im on week 3 run 2 and when the 3 minute run starts i run as slow as i can get and then depending on how i feel when it tells me ive got half the three min run left I step up the pace. I get a good feel for the the 2nd 3 minutes what my pace should be.

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