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Getting into our stride

Our 4th timed 30 min route walk and back on our circular route. 3.5 km in 26:41 mins average pace 7.5

We plan to continue this for a few more timed walks then extend the route to 45 mins. If we can get to 45mins - 1 hour at a sustained decent pace we will then begin the C25k.of course we will need to sort out decent running shoes. Onwards and upwards.

We have broken into a jog/ run doing these justvtontestvthe 'feel' of it on our feet, knees, hips. The only twinge was at the top of my left leg -that suggests my tai chi tomorrow will be necessary.

Anyway we are enjoying ourselves. Our son suggested some light treadmill running, my husband said he would rather walk the streets 😂😂

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Well done you two...I love it when a plan comes together :)

Relax tomorrow with your Tai Chi and enjoy...


Always something to see on the streets :)


So committed you two, a plan being followed in advance of another plan. That is so organised, and that means we know you will do the C25K because it is already planned out. Enjoy the street walking - that does sound slightly dodgy though!


No it's very safe where we are. I am just plotting a 45 minute circular walk for next week 😃🤸‍♂️


Good glad it's safe and secure then

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