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W7R2 Strange but quick run!


So I took the advice of many on here and tried a change of scene for today's run. I normally run across a field leading on to some quiet unmade up tracks, complete with long slow hills and cows! Today I had to drop my son at a Spanish lesson in town so I thought I would run while I was waiting for him. It would be by a busy main road but it would have lots of new things to look at and it would be FLAT! How hard could it be?

So I started well but after a while I noticed I had accidentally paused the app and hadn't got a clear idea how long I had run for. Only a few minutes extra I think. After a mile I started to find it really hard and for the first time had some walking breaks. Almost gave up completely and walked from 20 minutes to the end.

When I checked my stats later though, I was surprised to find that this ranked as one of my fastest runs, even with the walking! I'd obviously started way too fast. Was it the pressure of running amongst pedestrians, or the stress of the traffic, or the fact that I wasn't listening to my usual playlist? I don't know whether to be disappointed that I gave in to the gremlins and walked, or pleased that I ran so fast! Thoughts?

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That wasn't giving in to gremlins. That was running too fast. No point being disappointed. Just chalk it up to experience and work at going slower (which I really struggle with so need to take my own advice).

FatpuffinGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks- I'm sure you're right!

Be pleased as you carried on, and the pace thing is really hard or at least I find it too easy to get that wrong. We all learn from these efforts though, so next time you'll know what to look out for. Onwards and upwards good luck next run out

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