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W7R2 New “running” belt 🙈


Ughhh today was hard. I started off too fast and we all know how that one feels. I also tried out my mom’s walking/running belt (I say walking because that can really be it’s only true use)- it’s a new level of floppy. So far I have been using a travel hideaway-your-money-from-pickpockets thing: also floppy, but I had figured out a method to make it work. This new belt required figuring out its own method while doing the running, too fast, and fidgeting around while running just takes it out of me. For some reason this particular belt also managed to make my shorts slip around more than usual. Oh jeez I was just such a mess !!! 😅😅😅

I eventually got myself somewhat together but the whole rest of the run was exhausting, I was too warm, I was tired, breathing too heavy. But I did go faster so at least that explains it, and I know to start more steady next run.

I think I’m going to try a flip belt style next. Do reply if you have any bad experiences with these, it would save me some trouble 😂

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I started with a bum bag, flippy floppy, then a tiny tiny neoprene backpack which held the boobs down nicely but I couldn’t see the phone display etc, and now I have an armband that I wear on my forearm because my eyesight is too bad to see the screen close up. Not happy with any solution - wondering whether to just carry the phone TBH 🤣

ToughBean in reply to Equi-geek

From my experience watching people run with things in their hands, it changes how they run... so prob not ideal. I understand your struggle though!


My week 7 run 2 wasn't great either. Hopefully run 3 will be better for us both. Am interested to see about the belts as I'm still running with my phone, car keys, dogs lead and poo bags all in my hands, which I've got quite good at now but would prefer my hands free!


I don’t know what a flip belt is, but I recently bought a freetoo belt from Amazon which is super comfy and takes phone and keys. 😄

Teddly22Graduate in reply to Elfe5

Oh I will have a look now. Thanks.


I ended up with an SPI belt after a runner friend recommended it. It felt pricey but has been well worth it. It stays put, no wobbling and holds much more than you think ! spibelt.com


I solve the problem of a belt by not having one. My phone is small by modern standards and fits comfortably in the pocket of my joggers, bluetooth headphones so no cable to worry about, keys in other pocket, somewhat to my surprise I'm not aware of them at all when running. Might be different when I'm finally brave enough to run in shorts I suppose! But for now it works fine.

ToughBean in reply to ArthurJG

Running wear (at least for women) has remarkably little storage space.


I LOVE my flip belt! The odd time it'll ride up onto my waist, but usually wear it over my hips and it stays put.

Great! This is what I want to hear. I’m just DONE with annoying belts! It seems that if your leggings are a slick material they’re more likely to ride up, but I think I should be ok on that front...

SaskAlliecatGraduate in reply to ToughBean

I have 1 pair of tights that I bought this winter that were a more slippery material and it rode up a bit more but my capris and shorts are fine as long as I have it on my hips to start. Sometimes I start out with it too high but I pull it down and it's fine for the rest of the run.

I have the Karrimor belt from the Sports Shop Which Nay Not be Named. Works well enough for me - car keys, I phone, tissue, front door key, sun glasses.

Millsie-JGraduate in reply to Razouski

Me too Raz, on my second one now . £5.99 and a bargain😀


I bought a Toughbeam armband from Amazon - £5.99 (bargain!). Great for seeing phone whilst running. Has space in back for credit card and key. I put pop bags in there (dogs not mine) and run with dog lead around my waist (helps to hold up my running tights as I’m losing weight by running in the first place lol) I used to carry a water bottle but that made me more tense when running so leave it in the car for when I’m done along with the oxygen tank 🤣🤣


Well done on completing the tough run.

I admit that I've only ever used my cycling tops with the pockets in the small of the back. I can't see the phone, but the podcasts provided the timings.

I am curious about recommendations for armbands and things.

I bought off Amazon a running belt which is no bounce, it’s brilliant!

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