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Whoops! Week 1 run3 and a bit extra!

I have started again at the beginning, now that my knees have calmed down. I have been out in the early mornings, before breakfast and I have found it so much better!

Today on my run, I met a whole gang of enthusiastically friendly dogs, who jumped on me and wanted to follow me. I slowed to a walk for a few seconds while the owners called them off and then got back to running. The 60 seconds seemed to be lasting a very long time! Then Laura announced that it was time for the next run and I realised that I had run through the walk, as I had not heard Laura say anything when the dogs were around me! Well, I thought I had better keep running for another minute otherwise I would be out of sync! I was a bit more out of puff afterwards, but not too bad and I felt rather daftly pleased with myself!

I feel confident about moving on to week 2 now.

I actually ran with a different mindset this week. I decided to concentrate on positive thoughts and ignore any negatives creeping in and it was really enjoyable. I took a leaf from Oldfloss' book and composed a description of the lovely scenery around me, in my head and it passes the time quickly.

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Go you! Wonderful... and we have all done a few mins extra, sometimes... ( I used to do it if I had to wait to cross a road ).

You are doing just fine... and taking it all in too. Blooming marvellous... on you go! :)

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Thank you Oldfloss! I felt like you came with me today and encouraged me along!

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Thank you!! I am hoping to get a return to run date from the Physio tomorrow!!! :)


I really hope that you get the all clear soon!


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