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Made it now for the real challenge!

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Made it to week 9 run 3 and feel so proud of myself. I've hardly submitted any posts myself but I have read all the posts everyday and thanks to all the advice on the forum I have been lucky and my 9 week journey has been relatively straightforward. Signed up for my first park run on Saturday, this will be the first time I will have run with anyone else but looking forward to it. The real challenge I think will be keeping going without the voice in my ear but I will continue to follow you all for inspiration.

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Well done, congrats on your success; enjoy your run on Saturday .


Well done for making it to graduation - congratulations.

You need to have a few runs where you are running for fun with no pressure of the voice telling you what to do.

If you still want the voice in your ear there are the C25K+ podcast which include stepping stones and stamina. I have just gone back to them after a few weeks of graduating and I have also found a bridge to 10k podcast which I have yet to try.

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Well done you, you're a runner! Enjoy your success, you've earned it.

I'm sure you'll enjoy your first Parkrun, there's a terrific atmosphere and everyone's friendly and welcoming. It might seem a bit chaotic at the start but everyone soon sorts themselves out and then it's just plodding on to the finish line. Please post to let us know how get on.

Good luck and happy running!


Parkrun is WONDERFUL!! I also joined a local running club because they offered a beginners' group: I like running with them and they are a great group, but still strangely like running on my own - me time!


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