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Run 3 and dodgy bum/glutes


Hi. So title says it all. As soon as I set off today I felt niggle in right hand bum cheek/thigh. Wasn't sure whether I was meant to carry on regardless our not, but I did. Felt it all the way round run. Now 4 hrs later, still there. So is this normal? Do I ignore it? Do I do a particular exercise? Could I have done something to prevent it? Never had probs before, and didn't feel it til I started run. Cheers.

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There are exercises to strengthen the butt. I have to do some because I've found out the painful way that my hamstrings are considerably stronger than my glutes. Both bum cheeks are pulled now.

The standard plan for a pulled muscle, if it's not severe, is mostly to rest it and cool it. But that is so difficult with the butt cheeks because apart from when you're not actually moving at all, they are utilised implicitly in virtually every action we do. So I'm taking the approach of rest in the sense that I'm not doing anything that could be called training, but am still getting on with pottering about.

Once your muscle injury has recovered, I'd recommend light stretches. Most regular hamstring stretches also stretch the glutes, but there are glute specific ones too if you wanted to look some up. Then a strengthening regime focusing specifically on the various muscles that make up the glutes (some people think each bum cheek is one big muscle but it's actually several, all responsible for slightly different actions).

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Great thanks so much! Rest then the right stretches! Cheers for help.

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Also focus on ITB stretches 😀

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Cheers. Had to Google that one!!


Might be unused muscles complaining, but if persists get it checked out....

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