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So today I decided to wear sandals. Usually not a problem, but today all the roads into central London were closed for the 10k so I decided to walk across the bridge and to Picadilly! Big mistake!

I am now the owner of two extremely painful blisters on the mounds between my 1st and 2nd toe, one which has already burst (tmi I know ).

I am intending to start week 7 tomorrow. Any advice for running with blisters or should I just postpone my run?


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I put savlon on and let it soak in!


I hate blisters. I don't get them very often but when I do, I pop them.

PLEASE NOTE this is not advice. This is just what I do.

I take a pin, and then heat it with a cigarette lighter until it glows. This ensures it's germ free. Then when it cools again, which only takes seconds for a pin, I carefully pierce the blistered skin. I gently squish the fluid out, then just for good measure, wipe with antiseptic. That's usually enough but if it was a large blister, you get quite a large area of loose skin which can get sore if it rubs. Aloe Vera gel does wonders for that.

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When you are not running use a smear of Vaseline. When you need to run put a plaster on. I use own brand co-op ones

I apply smear of Vaseline, no other medication and I never.pop

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