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Fist parkrun...... Walking up those hills πŸ˜…

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Did first parkrun and it didn't half push me ! What A hilly course , I should have checked that out before I started!

Kept thinking of Irish john and Kate bush, only I wasn't running I was walking up those hills ..... being shoved at one stage by my daughter ordering me to run to the finish line (we were the last two) and the gang were waiting and cheering us on , my husband videoing it ..... aaaaah!!

I might kill him for that 😱

Anyway a very tough course , I'm sure I would have quit if my girl hadn't been beside me , I kept going somehow or other and was second last Olivia (daughter) purposely came in behind me 😜

What I learned today is :

I've a long way to go !

The running circle is a very supportive group (I knew that from here )

It can be torture but worth it !

Upwards and onwards to the next one , can only get better πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

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Congratulations on your first park run! An amazing achievement!

Sarahb18Graduate in reply to LaurenS91

Thank you !

A real challenge πŸ‘


ParkRun is brilliant. Everyone who goes is very supportive and it's all about just getting out there and doing it, plus you can usually go for a cuppa and a treat afterwards. What's not to like? My local ParkRun is pretty hilly too but I figure all that effort must be doing you good and I'm looking forward to the day I can make it all the way without stopping.

Sarahb18Graduate in reply to Hidden

Very enjoyable and great atmosphere.

Yea was the biggest effort I made . I'm w8 and did that as r2, walked most of the particularly steep hills but ran for over 30 mins in total 😊

Can't imagine ever being able to run them..... some day 😜

You have inspired me to sign up for a park run . Well done on completing yours.

Sarahb18Graduate in reply to Char-

Go for it ! All ages,shapes,sizes and abilities doing it !

A real family feeling 😊

Hidden in reply to Char-

Totally agree with Sarahb's reply above. Go for it- you won't regret it. I'd signed up a while back but hadn't gone along as i was worried about not being fit enough to run the while thing, then I saw a post from someone who does the tail runner role at ours. She was looking for people like me who hadn't committed to coming along for fear of coming last and sounded so reassuring that I messaged her back there and then and said I'd go the next week. Today was my 10th ParkRun and although I'm not running the whole thing yet, I'm never at the back, and even if I was, it wouldn't matter.


Lovely of your daughter to come in last!

Sarahb18Graduate in reply to Joy57

Thanks it was 😊

That was after she ran up the hill pulling me behind her ,telling me to run to meet the people that were waiting to cheer us in !

Glad she did and I listened πŸ‘

Yeh well done and I think you also learned what a great supportive daughter you have πŸ‘πŸ»

Sarahb18Graduate in reply to Abergrad


Yep I know that 😍

Just fab Sarahb😊 Mother and daughter

What a great team you are.πŸ’ž

Good for both of you.x


Congrats. You must be proud for completing it. We all need some motivation and your daughter is yours. I am looking forward for my first one soon

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