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Wk4 R2. I did it !


I can't believe it. The first run of this week really knocked me. It's the first one I couldn't finish. I was on the second 3 minute run and my legs were buckling. With every step I felt everything tighten and I couldn't make it to the final 5 minute run.

I put off run 2 yesterday and was telling myself I couldn't do it but I have ! I slowed right down and really paced myself. It was tough but it's done !

I'm 25 years old and about 2 stone overweight. 4 weeks ago I collapsed after run 1 ! Now I can feel my legs are firmer. My bum is firmer. I no longer get out of breath jogging up and down stairs and i've even lost a bit of weight. My food choices are changing too. That was never my intention as food is my biggest love but I'm so focused in feeling healthy that it's coming natural to me to choose a fruit pot instead of a choccy !

I can't get over what this app has done for me already and for any of you guys on this journey, WELL DONE ! It is so hard pushing yourself out of that door but so SO worth it.

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I'm only just starting out, did W1 R2 today but this is so inspiring to read! It really makes me feel like I can get there too :) Amazing job!!!

Keep going Laura !!! I am truly loving it and amazed at how quickly you progress. Some days are harder then others but walking through the front door after a run is so worth it !

What an awesome post! Congrats!

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