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Not in my routine and it's making me crazy


So, the wife's pa's been in hospital, which means we've gone to visit and stay with her ma, be dutiful daughter/in law, y'know? All very good BUT I'm suuuuch a creature of habit I'm quite worked up inside about tomorrow morning, which is due to be W2R2. Will I get up early enough? Where exactly will I run? Will the people I see be as friendly as the people I usually see? If I don't run (to avoid the worry of it all) will I catch up another day? All silly, I know...but I know someone here will get it enough so I'm just (over)sharing!

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Oh, you must run in the morning. When I am staying in different towns I always look at to find out routes that other people recommend. But you could always use Google maps to find the nearest park.

Remember that we are all friendly on here, and so if you don't see any friendly faces during your run, know that we are all nodding, waving and saying 'Lovely day...' as you run.

On the other hand...... you're running somewhere different and isn't that exciting? The big stuff of life comes first, running follows 🙂

Cheers, guys--that's the optimism I needed!! Bless ye both 😊


You won't know unless you try, as my Dad always says. Explore and have a bit of fun, you may even find that the people there are nicer than they are at home ;) One of the things I love about running is how it makes you push your boundaries. It starts as sneaky peeks outside your comfort zone. Do it and report back. Hope that pa-in law and wife are ok.


Habit may be good but routine can be boring.

Embrace the new experience...........runners take it in their stride.

Get out there and run wherever you are! I love this forum ; I live in the NW But ran around Connaught Water last week x


Just run.. we will be there with you... :)


I get it fuzbuz. I'm like u, if I have a routine I'm fine. I had to miss a week after week 8 as it was HOT and I got a head cold so couldn't breathe! I repeated week 8 to get back in the groove, but I'm still struggling and today is my W9R2!! I know how daunting it is to be out of ur comfort zone so here's my advice: Go for a recci run or walk, and find a route you like (doesn't have to count towards ur weekly run) that way you'll know where ur going and what to expect. Don't wait, and miss ur routine, because that will throw u off, and 30mins u time might be what u need if ur doing the dutiful in law bit, I help out with my in laws (who are great) but a jog does help get me out and away from it all. GOOD LUCK. X

fuzbuz77 in reply to Hannah_S36

It's the "me time" I like best about it--this was the clincher! Thanks enormously 😊

Thank you thank you thank you everyone!! I went for a massive walk last night and found a park to run in. Woke up this morning to a couple more encouragements, and managed to get out for the whole W2R2. Might well have flaked without you guys--you're ace!


Well done, I bet you feel great!

fuzbuz77 in reply to Hannah_S36

I do, thank you! Pa-in-law was discharged yesterday and we're home again now. Will complete W2 on Sunday on home turf 🕺🏻

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